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Not lasting long in bed

Hello Nick, i am 30 year old guy and tend to have good feeling of sex with my wife always. However, not able to last long in bed. Second try may be possible after 1 hour that too if we are in relaxed mode.

Sexologist identified that i have low testosterone and thus the reason for quick Erection, he prescribed tadafil(20mg/2) and sildenafil(50mg) per day.

I am an IT professional. Any advise for all experts are appreciated.

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To make it last longer purchase a vibrator your partner will enjoy it and you will as well our sex sessions sometimes last 60 mins and more


Dear Toddler.

You asked especially for me. So here I am. You are 30 and you desire your wife. So all should go well. Instead you say you are too fast. And second run after one hour.

Good to go to a sexuologist. But even better in my opinion an andrologist.

Let us see. You say you are too fast. Actually there are no standards. Are you too fast for yourself or for your wife? Do you feel completely satisfied after your ejaculation? Is your wife pressing you to be slower? You should discuss the issue with your wife and then ALONE with the andrologist.

I think you are considering yourself a precocious ejaculator. Consider that we men are all programmed to be quick in order to get the woman pregnant before another man can come around and displace us. So being slow is an art and must be learnt little by little.

Have you had sexual experiences before your wife? Have you had the same troubles?

You may feel a little bit insecure as a man and you show your sensitivity in being too fast. Do you feel in some way inferior to your wife? Or to other men?

All these feeling can affect your sexual act.

You say you have low testoterone. I would recommend the dosage of other hormones such as LH FSH prolactine tyroxine.

Are you taking medications? Are you diabetic hypertensive depressed or other?

Consider the vicious circle. I'm a precocious ejaculator. So I must perform better the next time. So you accumulate anxiety before the intercourse. So during the intercourse you are too fast. So you become more convinced you are a precocious ejaculator. And the cycle continue. Even worse if your wife get angry with you.

Consider that some men ejaculate before penetration. I think you don't. So you are less fast than some men. Consider that physiologically 6-7pelvic thrushes can make you ejaculate. So probably you are in the physiology. Now you have to learn to be slower. Maybe you were slower ages before.

Try slow sex. Do not pay too much attention to erection and ejaculation. Find a deep intimacy with your wife during the preliminaries. See my posts about slow sex. Convince your wife there is another way to make love. More relaxed. Without goals to obtain.

Finally, there are some techniques to postpone ejaculation.

Since they can be useful for MOST men (remember you are not alone!) I'm going to write a post for everyone.

I hope I've helped you a little bit. Follow my posts. And let me know how you are doing!

Bye. Nick

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