Removing Frenulum for lasting longer


I am circumcised 5 years ago. I feel lot of sensation during intercourse and come in less than a minute or some times in seconds. I think it is because feel sensation of frenulum. I am thinking of removing frenulum. Using creams to reduce senstivity are neither handy nor fruitful.

Do you think removing frenulum will delay ejaculation.


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  • Shhhhh, don't be telling the women lol, I dare say in time your sensitivity on your todger will eventually go back to where it was and maybe you'll last longer if you put a plun on the end ,lol.

    Enjoy, and that thing you mentioned, I don't have a clue what it is.

  • It may well lead to a loss of sensitivity but I'd be wary about taking that decision lightly. Once gone you can't put it back. Generally over time you will become less sensitive anyway. That's my personal experience also. I also found that as I got older I could control things better and didn't lose all my senses at the sight of a vagina! Adopting different positions which don't involve a lot of thrusting definitely helps too, until I want to come.

  • I have a little wonder why you have such a sensation specially having circumcised 5 years ago. My experience for being circumcised is the ability to control your ejaculation is rapidly increase as you become more older and experienced. Don't worry you will become the man who can hold their women under control as long as they want until the women cry for quick end. I am 45 and my average timing in bed is 2-2.5 hrs per session. I give the full credit to Circumcism. Good luck.

  • Im 32 and uncircumsised and can last almost 2 hours. The older u get u learn to control it lol.

  • Doubtful . Frenulum is a nature's connection. That place is sensitive of course but not sure if by removing you can delay ejaculation . Satisfaction to my knowledge happens in brain, not in the penis.In fact many other factors, hormones including psychological status also contributes. Check with Sexologist and also urologist.

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