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Moderate Phimosis

Hello everyone

I have seen some decent info online but thought I should specifically explain my own situation.

I am 20 years old and have lived with a mild form of phimosis my entire life. I don't have any skin/penis condition's and I believe my phimosis is due to the fact I never retracted when I was a little boy. Despite my mum urging me to do so, I never did as I was afraid of it for some reason. I actually grew up believing that my penis looked 'normal' until I watched my first porn video and had seen other penises, even then I didn't do anything about it for a long time.

But I soon decided i should really do something about it and take action. I have been stretching slowly but surely for a while now and have seen a very noticeable difference. However the reason for my post is because I am at a crucial stage.

When flaccid, i can fling my foreskin back and forth to the halfway point with ease. I can pull it back right up to the rim of the glans without any pain at all. When erect, I can retract to the halfway point and beyond that it becomes painful. The point is, I want so desperately to expose a flaccid glans but I'm worried about paraphimosis and want to avoid it at all cost's if possible. Do I go for it? Keep stretching a little more? Any safety precautions to take before I go for it?

Also, I noticed recently that my frenulum sort of sits at an angle to the left over the glans a little bit and have to twist my foreskin slightly and then retract. I am left handed in most things I do including masturbastion so I assume my frenulum has been stretched across over time with my unusual left handed masturbation technique (due to phimosis), which seems a pretty easy fix to me? My main concern is the phimosis itself so any tips, guides and info will be hugely appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to read

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Paraphimosis is almost unheard of at your age, but phimosis is extremely common.

Stretch the foreskin in the bath with soap, but try to avoid splitting the skin.

You can buy some hydrocortisone cream which may help



I suffered with a mild form of phimosis for years. I first noticed it at 14-15 but I could still pull my foreskin back when my penis was flaccid but when it was erect i got to the half way point like you and it started to cause pain. I saw the GP at 14-15 about it but they told me to stretch it in the bath or shower and see if that helps. I went back to the doctors at 18 and he referred me to a urologist for a circumcision due to the phimosis.

I'm now 20 years old, like yourself and I was circumcised last year. I would definitely recommend heading to see your GP who will more than likely refere you to see a urologist because of your age. He will explain all the options available for you and recommend the best option.

There is an alternative to the circumsion where your foreskin is not completely removed but cut down to the end of the gland effectively so the foreskin would be in two halves. But if that's going to happen the whole foreskin might as well be taken off, in my opinion.

I hope this all helps!

Good luck.



Dear Powell

I'm an Italian medical doctor

first of all consider that each man is a little different from the others in his penis, such as we are all different as far as nose, lips, ears atc are concerned. So your penis has its own aspect that you should not compare with "normal" penises such as those of porno actors. Consider that porno actors are selected also for the properties of their penises, so they are not the mean of the population. Have you ever seen the penises of some of your friends? for instance in the locker room of a gym? have you noticed that everyone is a little bit different? My penis for example is a little bit, just a little bit tilted towards the left, but I underwent at least twice andrological visit (I'm 53 now) and the specialist did not notice any wrong in my penis.

About your phimosis. It is probably very mild, because you can masturbate without pain. Have you ever had complete sexula intercourse? if yes, have you felt some discomfort?

I think anyway a good andrologist is the right person to ask advice. You may need some creams and some exercises (of course you have to be careful not to provoke a paraphimosis) or maybe a minor surgical operation. I'm aware that there are surgical alternative to complete circumcision, which you probably don't need. It can be sufficient to do a little cut in your foreskin in order to enlarge it a little bir, and you can maintain your foreskin.

About your frenulum. If your frenulum is a little bit towards left, I do not think it is a pathological situation, just a normal variation. As far as I know the problem could consist in an excessive shortness of your frenulum. This usually causes the glans to tilt a little bit downwards when you have a hard-on. If the frenulum is too short, it can be modified surgically. Usually, the surgeon corrects the phimosis and the frenulum in a unique surgical session. Again a good andrologist can evaluate your situation and give you the best advice.

In conclusion. Be calm. There isn't probably nothing wrong with your penis. But if I were you, I will contact a good andrologist for a visit. Just to be sure that you take care of your penis. The penis is an important organ. You have to take care of it.

If you like, let me know what the andrologist will have told you.

Best whishes



Hi Powell w . I would sit in a nice warm soapy bath and go for it . Sensibly though , slowly pulling that foreskin over the penis head. You wanna do it.


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