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Tight foreskin

Hey there I'm 15 year old and I am unable to pull my foreskin back when flaccid and even when erect. I have no pain or discomfort because of that but when I urinate a small balloon like skin appears at the tip of the foreskin... I'm feeling tensed about it. Is it normal and will the tightforeskin issue be solved as I grow up. I regularly masterbate by moving it up and down just like simulating sexual intercourse.. please help me and suggest me any stretching techniques etc.. I felt worried when I headed that unretractabe foreskin may lead to penis cancer.... I'm very very afraid.... Is it necessary for me to get circumcised?????

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Hi there, there are a lot of threads on this topic on this forum - you might want to check them out - and you're right, there are a lot of options short of circumcision. Read this article:

and follow the links, including the one to circumcision.

Good luck.


You will see many questions/answers on here about tight foreskin, including from myself.

The 'balloon you see may be the urine hitting the skin as you pee before it come out ?

The general opinion is try gentle stretching and possible steroid creams.

I reached age 52 before needing a circumcision and that was due to other health reasons. That is not something I would personally recommend. At your age I would not worry too much. Pull back gently during bathing and shower, in private, to help cleaning.

If it does continue to worry you, go see your GP. Cancer is a remote possibility but not as bad as you may think. Often treatable with Chemo' creams.

Good luck and be careful.

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Thank you so much


But when my ballooning would stop?


Hi Mgrrx. Most guys start off with a tight foreskin and it's one of those things a guy has to do is stretch that 4skin so it will easily slip behind the glans. This is to ensure good hygiene and make intercourse more pleasurable. I don't have a 4skin which covers my penis head so I would suggest you pull your foreskin back as far as you can when you piss and I think that ballooning will disappear. Cheers mate


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