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Tight foreskin and infection


i’m almost 17 years old and I have a tight foreskin and it is infected. Every time after i urinate this smelly gunk comes out of my penis which i can’t prevent from happening. It has been happening for a while now and been to the doctors twice and the anti biotics pills that i swallowed didn’t work and the cream didn’t either as i cannot pull down my fore skin. I don’t really want to get circumcised as i’m not the biggest fan of undergoing surgeries or treatment like that but i will have to for a last resort. When i get an errection as well i also can’t pull it down but the tip is the littlest bit visible but sexual activity isn’t affected. I have no idea what to do and fed up of having this problem as it limits me. Any treatment ideas i can do or anything?

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Only permanent cure is circimcision mate no mate what people tell you about steroid creams, they do not work, but do your research and make sure you definitely want circimcision to cure this as it is a life changing thing

Hey. Unfortunately there’s no real cure for extreme bad case of phimosis. Especially if it’s infected over time you will get nasty balanitis and chronic balanitis leads to penile cancer and other issues so if I were you I would try and see an urologist to get a circumcision. It is not that bad it is annoying for a couple of weeks but then it is very worth it in the end and you will not regret it. That’s the only way and no girls will come close to a smelly uncircumcised penis so you also have to think of your future and the younger you are the easier it is to do it and heal so don’t wait and take control of your life and be happy...


Wash the glans daily

Regular cleaning will help but try and use salt water or baby soap, something very mild. Smelly soaps can cause this sort of problem. Rinse well and pat or air dry if possible. This should reduce smell.

For your foreskin try gentle stretching, steroid creams may help.

This will take time and may avoid your need for surgery, but if you need it...

If antibiotics didn’t help, it’s probably yeast. Try applying Clotrimazole twice each day for at least 10 days. Use a Q-tip to get inside the foreskin. Do not wash with soap!

Once the infection is gone, stretching exercises can cure the tightness permanently. Go to drelastic.com.

Athlete’s Foot cream works on yeast.

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