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Help please.... I have no idea what this is

Hello....I'm Dev and I've been peeing blood lately and it worries me because I feel no pain at all anywhere and when I do pee blood it feels like something is blocking the pathway so I have to push a little.I've been to the doctor for an ultrasound where nothing was wrong with my kidneys or bladder and my prostate is normal. They also did a blood test and found now I'm waiting to go to a urologist. Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone have maybe a vague diagnosis or something lol

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Hi Dev. Hematuria is quite a common symptom, which can depend on a variety of conditions. It must be investigated well. So you did well to go to your doctor. US of kidney and bladder is negative. Very good. Have you had a transrectal US examination of your prostate? It has a much more powerful diagnostic power than transabdominal US scan of the prostate. Other examination your urologist is likely to propose you are a urine analysis, a cytologic analysis of urine and a cystoscopy. Don't panic for a cystoscopy: the urologist will slowly and gently insert a probe (cystoscope) through your urethra up to your bladder, with a bit of anhaestetic cream. I have undergone this examination. It is not painful, just a little bit discomfortable. The modern cystoscopes are flexible, so they adapt to your anatomy while they enter your urinary ways. If the urologist advice you to undergo a cystoscopy, be courageous and go. Probably the urologist will give you a single dose of antibiotic just to prevent the rare possibility of an infection of your bladder caused by the cystoscopy. I have done it twice, one with and one without antibiotic treatment. After the cystoscopy you I advice you just half a day of rest.

Let me know.

I'm Nick from Italy

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Nick, not wanting to frighten anyone but my experience of cystoscopy was not pleasant and quite painful to be honest. It was a flexible scope also. Bearable until it got to the prostate .... then 😫


Hi. I'm not saying cystoscopy is pleasant. I would rather eat an ice-cream (Italian way of saying). But...the first time I was terrified, I couldn't even pee before the cystoscopy due to the anxiety. Then, all was much less unpleasant than I had imagined. Just a little burning sensation at the meatus of the urethra, and then a discomfortable sensation inside my urinary ways. No pain when the scope was passing through my prostate. And it was inflammed. So the second time I went to the cystoscopy much more relaxed and it was even less discomfortable. These have been my experiences. Maybe the urologist was quite gentle and capable, I don't know. I'm sincere. Probably better then gastroscopy or coloscopy (I have experienced both). I think there is ALSO a psychological bias. We men are very sensitive to what can happen to our penis, and the idea to be "penetrated" through him is quite unbearable.


I reckon you injured on of your testicals and the blood to be released somewhere hopefully it should right itself soon but keep an eye on it ok .


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