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Permanent foreskin retraction

Hey there

I’ve just started keeping my foreskin permanently pulled back as I was getting slight itching and soreness on my gland and inner foreskin( tight feeling)

It’s been nearly 6 weeks now and no more pain or itching

Has anyone else had similar experiences like this?

Anyone else permanently retreated their foreskins??

Any advice or tips good and bad!!

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Just have it cut off it’s not that big of a deal you’re already getting used to the small Desensitized change . I did that with many different things I felt silly after couple years and decided to just have a real Circumcision


I tried it for a few months (after I cured my tight foreskin with stretching). I really liked feeling free however I did not like the way all the skin looked bunched up behind my glans. I decided to get circumcised and currently have no regrets. An advantage that you have is if you do get cut, your recovery wont feel as bad since your glans lost most of their sensitivity.


Thanks for advice

My doctor did say the same regarding desensitised glans, but he will only commit to circumcision if I didn’t loose weight and continued having issues

I’ve started some old activities I use to do before having kids, one is cycling and the other is playing rugby(but only as a health thing)

Hardest thing is explaining to old team members that I’m not circumcised when we are in the showers after training and game, as I look circumcised now!! Very embarrassing having to pull foreskin forward to show them!!


Growing up and having foreskin was not a big deal, I never got laughed at or made fun of. My personal statistics maybe 6/10 were cut. My generation was a bit different then it is now a days, like you we always showered after P.E./sports and it was natural being naked in the locker rooms. In fact our school only had like 5 working shower heads for a class of 30 boys so we would wait in line naked talking to our friends, we did not cover with a towel since there was no where to put them while we showered. As teens we were immature and talked about how big we would get and we occasionally would measure ourselves to compare/show off. Looking back I think the people who would get made fun of was boys with "man-boobs".

One thing that you can always tell your friends is they will never know how good masturbation is having foreskin.


I did that leading up to my circumcision. Ultimately I had a circumcision and have never looked back. So happy with it for many reasons.


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