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Dark brown discharge with slight pinkish color after urinating but red blood during sex

Hi really need some advice as I'm horrified by this situation am about to explain...October month I saw my periods pretty fine recently I have notice a very dark brown discharge and sometimes after urinating when I wipe I see a very light more pinkish color looking like blood yesterday morning I saw one spot of blood and other discharge was dark brown after having sex last night not to realize am bleeding it was all over my boyfriend pennis but yet the blood not running heavy on me nor coming down even when am bathing and fingering myself cleaning inside am seeing slight blood but not to say it's my periods am really confuse wish I could get some advice please

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Any unexplained bleeding from this area really does need investigation by a Doctor or Sexual Health Clinic.

Please have it checked, most problems can be sorted if caught early enough.

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Certainly you will need an examination, particularly if you are a man.

This is a MENS forum. It sounds like you are a woman!


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