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Peyronie's disease

Good day!

I can't seem to find conclusive answer, if Peyronie's disease does cause impotence or just issues with full erection. Erectile dysfunction is too wide of a term. Does it mean it is issue for sex as part of it is soft and crooked, or because it refuses to stand at all and person looses all capability for orgasms? I'd just like if someone could explain it.

And could the damaged tissue be catalyst for cancer or not? (I keep hearing damage cells can cause cancer, but what about this?)

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Oh dear don't worry. No link with cancer. It's just due to scar like plaques which cause the penis to bend to one side when erect. No link with erectile problems otherwise. If you think you this and it is bad enough to cause problems go and see your doctor


As one who has had Peyronies Disease, what Goldfish said about no cancer link is true. However, I would urge you to go see your doctor and he can assess whether further attention is warranted. My urologist held off surgery until the penile curvature was quite pronounced. I had some ED issues post surgery but that is apparently not linked.


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