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Testicle ultra sound.


I have had a kidney transplant 9 years ago in February and still successful. Any way Tuesday just gone I start to get an ache in my left testicle but only when I started walking but wore off after 2 minutes or so. The next day got worse but again only lasted 2 mins or so and went off. Thursday even worse and Friday I went to docs. Which they saw me that afternoon about 1 hour after I went in to book it. Only after saying in front of every one in waiting area that when I walked my left ball ached.

Any way I went and the doctor looked and couldn't find anything. So she said to book an appointment for a ultra sound then said do a urine test for Chlamydia even though I already said I'm not with any one and probably going red in face saying I'm still a virgin. But still she said to do one?. Is that normal?.

today the aching has gone but now I getting a strange sensation of either pins and needles or tingerling along with what feels like going up and down a hill when your stomach does that funny feeling but in my testicle.

Should I phone up and cancel as don't think its too much to worry about and don't want to waist NHS money along with the millions of pounds already spent on me. They already no that I'm phoning as they sent something out to them but I still got to make the appointment for some reason.

The main thing is, the urine test for Chlamydia normal when I already said I not even had sex?.

By the way after all I have been threw I'm not bothered about the docs fiddling around down there for 20 mins as had much worse thing fiddled with taken the stent out.

Thanks for any info

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Any way made an appointment but not till 4th of November. The pins and needle sensation is getting worse though. I'm 99.99% sure it not cancer related but at least these test show up other things like fluid etc.

You can't get chlamydia if you've never had sexual contact with another person.

An ultrasound should not be necessary if your symptoms resolve completely, unless you have a history of cancer. The main purpose of the ultrasound is to look for cancer.

It maybe she thought you were embarrassed to discuss sex and was being extra cautious.

I would suggest you speak to your doctor again to discuss.

skipper847 in reply to Goldfish_

Hi thanks for reply.

I told her though and worst thing is I had to collect it at reception :P

The aching as only just started but the pins and needles been on and off for last 3 month. getting worse since the aching started. The sensation is uncomfortable but can put up with it. It worst when breathing in.

Personally, I would continue with the ultrasound or whatever other test is ordered until you find out what is causing the "pins & needles". That is not normal. Could it be a result of the kidney transplant?

Pins and needles sensation could be caused by a trapped nerve. A scan should help resolve this.

Thanks for reply and saying I should go that put me at ease.

I go on 4th of November and best thing is on the 2nd of November its my kidney appointment. I only go every 4 month now as the transplanted kidney is working perfect. On my last visit they said it was working at 85% and all blood levels what they check is normal too. so I don't think its anything to do with the kidney but then again things can just turn like that with transplants. But about 6 month ago my tacrolimus levels went down after taking same dose for nearly 7 years. First 2 years was getting it right I was on 1.5mg 2 times on morning and night. Now I'm on 2MG morning and night but still they said levels returned to normal.


I made a complete fool of my self today. Even though as said I not had sex to the doc the doc gave me the Chlamydia urine in that big bag. Any way to day I did it but I wanted to see the doc as I didn't want to hand it in over the desk. I asked to see the same doctor if possible. Again receptions asking what the problem was. I said I just wanted to ask a couple of question and got urine sample to give. But she had no free appointment and been typical Thursday its staff training day or make fun of patients who get nervous day. In the end I just gave them it but I must have been glowing red in face by then as was so nervous thinking the receptions knowing what it was for. Luckily there where only 2 waiting at the back of the waiting area it was quiet this morning.

I must admit they didn't seem to give 2 cents and was been nice about it. Should I have been as nervous as I was or just had bottled it up and just gone in and say here you go.?.

By the way I didn't say that in the waiting room I just said I wanted to see doc because I wanted to ask a question and give a urine sample but don't want to give it over desk. I didn't say what sample it was either but I think they knew with the bag. :(

Hi Skipper:

Unfortunately, the medical community for the most part doesn't care one bit about respecting a patient's dignity especially if you are male as in their mind, men are supposed to be macho & have no modesty issues whereas women are supposed to be modest & are treated as such.

Will a male be performing your test do you know?



Hi. I have no idea but read its better to have a male less chance to get an erection people say but nearly always its a women as not many male doctors do this kind of test. A lot of people say as well if you can get a choice get cold gel instead of warm if you can.

Hi Skipper:

Yes, the cold gel will help you not to rise to the occasion if your tech is a woman.

Here in the states, many men who prefer to keep their dignity intact, walk away from the scrotal ultrasound when they find out a woman will be doing the test.

Most don't do their homework & don't find out who is running the test until after they are on the bed spread eagle. Then it's too late because they are too afraid to say anything at that point. They just want it over & get out. After that initiation into the way the medical community thinks & treats them, they don't go back again if needed.



When I went in for the stent taking out I can remember entering room with about 6 doctors and a nurse there. Nurse saw I nervous I was but it was more scared of the pain then anything else. Any she talked to me saying everything be fine etc.

When they inserted the needle to numb it that hurt like hell then they started to remove the stent which hurt even more. The nurse was saying breath, breath, as I was holding my breath all the time as hurt less but the nurse said breath as I was holding my breath for some time lol. Any way I don't no what it was as I couldn't feel it properly but just be for they took all the stent out I got this really bad pain and I felt a lot of watery substance come out of my penis and went every where. And I mean every where, I didn't ask what it was but they was nice about it and just cleaned it all up. But the thing is it wasn't a nice feeling what ever it was. I was shaking and nurse said you look white as a ghost.

By the way I'm from the UK and get it done by the NHS. Been thinking about it for past 7 days. Even though I have had a stent out I'm really not looking forward to it. I shouldn't have read some stories on the internet what happens to people but at least its quite common if anything down there does happen. But again its my left side recently I been for an ultra sound on my veins in my left leg and feat as there always swelling up and hurting. But they say everything is fine I also get bad pain in joints which I told.

It seems if anything is wrong its my left side. Is it a coincidence that I not got a left kidney and my right kidney failed and the transplant is in my right at the front?.

Hi all. Pain has got worse this morning. The pins and needle type feeling went but now the ache has turned into a pain. Its ok if I sit still and sometimes walk but slight pressure on the area it hurts. The doc said if it gets any worse between now and ultra sound go straight to A and E. Its not at that point yet in fact its miles off that point but the pain has got worse. Not been too worried about it in last couple of days but now its hurting I don't no what to do.

knew that chlamydia urine test was a waist of time came back negative. When I said to doc I not even had sex I don't think she believed me for some reason. I think some women think all men a same or all men need sex 24/7 constantly.

Hi Skipper:

Can you ask for a male doctor? He might better understand.


I will wait for results on ultra sound first. Then if that shows nothing then I will ask for a male doc as you say might say oh yes I no what your on about experienced it my self. If test doesn't show anything I will be more worried as now the tingling feeling is getting worse. I cant really describe it but it almost feels like something is tickling it on the inside. This only happens sitting down and even worse laying. When I walk it goes away. Making me feel frustrated too. Still don't think its Accident and emergency situation though. As said doc said if gets worse go straight to A & E.

Hi all again. I still have that tingling feeling but noticed that there moving around also up and down. Feels strange and it don't feel like normal movement. I can also see them moving round.?

Hi. well I been for the ultra sound this morning and it only lasted about 5 mins. Any way he said there where nothing wrong apart from a small cyst but 50% of the population has them so nothing to worry about he said. He did say that the testicles where very mobile though. Is that medical term for small?. Only thing is it still aches when sitting down in certain places and tingling too. Just don't no what could be causing it.

Can they tell how old the small cyst is or if it could been there all my life. Could be one of the reasons if its only just grown there.

I've had similar symptoms that started around March of this year. Haven't fully figured it out, yet as it progressed to other symptoms and docs are clueless (and one just thought I was a hypochondriac). For me it progressed to very terrible pains in my testicle. It was as of my blood vessels were squeezing or expanding them (doc I said this to through out this possibility, but I'm going to revisit this possibility with another on Thursday).

I also drank a lot of sugar and caffeine, and I swore I went through something like diabetic acidosis in July because of it. And again my GP ignored it. Then, I had GI problems where food would just shoot through me in about 12 hours and I wouldn't digest properly. I figured out I had vitamin deficiencies as well as protein and cholestrol deficiencies from how horrible I felt. Then I got a colonoscopy which seemed normal except for some redness at two parts of my colon which the doc said was fine.

Maybe, it is all about your GI tract. But, I'm suspecting something related to the system that regulates blood volume and osmolarity. I will be going in on Thursday.

My symptoms seemed transform to effect my whole body. One day, my kidneys would just start peeing out fluids to dehydration and then it would level off in a month and something else would start like having extreme fatigue or having extreme amount of heat going off my genitals and the area around it. Right now I get these weird small internal cramps that is precipipated by fluid intake. Or when there's poop in my colon. I've got a thousand symptoms, half of which I think was from a possible acidosis, so if you keep having strange symptoms - i might have had it.

My testicles by the way got weird and hang by the blood vessels and I have to wear a jock strap or tight underwear or they may hurt. They also get fluid-filled and sag with fluid. Doc said it was acute epidimitis, but that's clearly wrong.

Maybe we don't have the same thing, but watch the GI tract and your fluid intake. I suspect cancer in some other place in the body like adrenals, hypothalamus, or pancreas. Or prostrate? Haven't figured it out, but my symptoms started with testicle pain without a cause that seemed to change over time and eventually transformed into something else.

@ Madcap7331 Hope everything ok on Thursday.

"from how horrible I felt". That is how I felt while I had the tingling but didn't want to tell doctor that as then they would say like you. Your a hypochondriac or other. I haven't had the aching or pain since but it still tingles. Now my back where your kidneys are is hurting even though I only have one and that failed but both sides hurt. Going to make another appointment for next week as still not got official result threw from doc even though I got told the result at the hospital there still some questions I want to ask.

I want to no if the small cyst what are there if they can tell how long they been there as if it just recent then that might be cause.

I found out in past that doctors are excellent at there job but only if answers in black and white in front of them. It took them 3 years to diagnose me with chronic kidney failure. I was having seizures all time for 3 years and they just put it down to epilepsy until day kidney failed which they found out on a blood test. Every time I had a seizure they would do a ECG but no bloods. ECG came back fine every time.

GL for Thursday.

Even though at the hospital the doc said that everything looked fine apart from those small cyst which are in half of population I still went to GP doc today to see results as they not got back officially. Any way it was just over reception again but she did ask this time am I ok over reception. Which I said yeah I said achy balls last time so don't matter. j/k didn't say that really. Any way she looked at notes and said doc put everything satisfactory.

The aching has gone in the left but the tingling still there but not as bad. It like others I seen with this problem there docs don't no why it should be tingling either. Think I will just have to put up with it. There not moving as much either as it was this what was worrying me the most as it did feel like something was moving them inside but relieved when I saw nothing on screen at the ultra sound.

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