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Undecended testicle

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I am a 34 year old male with an undescended testicle. I have never experienced any problems with this, any pain or discomfort, i can feel it is there though.

No partners have ever noticed it or said anything.

I am just womdering does this have any link with premature ejaculation. This problem for me seems to be getting worse as i am getting older!

I am finding i am ready to ejaculate after 10 thrusts, however on the odd occasion i am drunk and seem to last longer, when i do last longer i cannot maintain the erection very well.

Any help is greatly appreciated

5 Replies

Hi MDC17

Looks if Nick from Italy has provided you with the answer to your premature ejaculation problem in a recent post on this site. I don't think the undescended testicle had any relevance to your issue but a separate concern which you should refer to your GP whether it gives you discomfort or not.


Go to Endocrinologist first to check what should be done with the undescended balls. Others can be tackled.


Dear MDC17

Here I am, I'm Nick. As you may know, I'm an Italian medical doctor, but I do not practice, I'm an academic researcher. Anyway I have some medical knowledge.

1. I do not think that an undescended testicle has anything to do with your precocious ejaculation. Anyway, ten thrusts is not so bad!! Precocious ejaculators sometimes ejaculate before penetrating their partners. At 34 years I do not think that aging can affect either your ejaculation reflex. So there is maybe a psychological reason for your "problem". Anyway, read my post about how to postpone ejaculation. Remember that ALL MEN are precocious ejaculators by nature: in the past, we had to be quick in squirting our semen into the woman before being discovered by other men or -worse- by any predators! So postponing ejaculation is something we have to learn. Some men are more lucky and learn more quickly, some others are less lucky. The manoevre of interrupting the thrusts and squeezing my glans with my fingers during the intercourse has worked quite well with me. It can be useful for you too. About maintaining erection, you can read my post on slow sex and will discovered that a semi-hard or even a flaccid penis can be used for penetrating a partner. Moreover, some women would rather be penetrated by a semi-hard penis, because it is less traumatic for them.

2. More important. Go to a good andrologist in order to fix the problem of your undescended testicle. He can advise you to be examined for your hormonal patterns and he may advice you to be surgically operated. DO NOT PANIC, but I know that an undescended testicle has an increased risk of cancer compared to a descended testicle. I do not know the reasons of this fact. This is another good reason to go to a good andrologist. In MY OPINION (this is ONLY my opinion) young men such as you should ANYWAY undergo regular US scan of their testicles because this test can detect testicle cancer early, and we have very efficient therapies for testicle cancer. Many men are completely cured from their testicle cancer. I say "Young men", because there is a peak of incidence of testicle cancer around 30 years old men. So KEEP CALM, but go to an andrologist.

Let me know, if you like

With friendship


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Good advice.


I had an undescended testicle treated by my urologist when I was in my 40s because it was giving me pain and discomfort. It was supposed to have been treated when I was aged 5. Nevertheless it never caused anything like premature ejaculation and I doubt there is any relationship. But I join with others to urge that you go to a urologist/andrologist as it will continue to become more uncomfortable if untreated.


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