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Tight Foreskin

Im 16 years old and for a while now, (2 years or so), ive noticed that i am no longer able to pull my foreskin back over the tip of my penis. It also feels like there is a ring or a bottle neck in my foreskin and im not sure what to do about this. It doesnt cause me very much pain, only a slight nip when im taking a piss. I would really like some advice thanks.

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Hi, have a read of this:


Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it.


It's worth getting the operation done and get rid of the foreskin before it starts becoming a problem.

It's a simple operation and once it's healed you get the benefit of improved hygiene as well as it looking a lot better.


DON'T get "the operation" done unless it's absolutely necessary. It does not improve hygiene (no medical evidence) but it does affect the pleasure of sexual relations for both partners. For yourself, it greatly decreases the sensitivity of the head of the penis. Check out and doctorsopposingcircumcision...


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