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Growing concern

For 2-3 weeks I have had a groin lump between my left testicle and where my left leg meets my pelvis, I went to see my GP in order to find out if there was any underlying problem. After examination, my GP said that I had an infection in my groin, it causes a little discomfort when I touch it and therefore I was prescribed Fluoxacillin in order to treat this 'infection' to no avail. The lump isn't growing but after a course of antibiotics it's not decreasing in size. I'd appreciate if you guys could tell me your thoughts? Thank you.

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Get it checked out again. .




I had a lump on my neck dr said it was nothing 1 year on its lymphoma. .so get a biopsy on it


Go back to your GP . Apologies politely but say due to your real concerns could he refer you in to specialist . Not sure if you should ask to see oncologist or urologist . Ask him his advise .. Mention the word cancer worries .. That way he will HAVE to refer you . Don't worry he's probably right about infection but YOU must feel confident in that diagnosis . I wouldn't be either I have to say . Just get it checked by the experts .


Hey you guys it seems to have decreased a little bit after just leaving it... What you thinking?


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