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Foerskin concern


I am a man in my 50s. Sex with my partner ceased for quite a long period and during that time my foreskin would not fully pull back over my penis head. When the foreskin is pulled back it's as if it is fused to the head. Recently I have resumed having sex with my partner and on the first occasion I started bleeding at the point of the join between foreskin and head. I would therefore like some advice about remedying the problem.


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Get it inspected by an urologist. You may have Smegmitis or Ballanitis. Bleeding happened due to force exerted by you. Check your diabetes also

Hi mate honestly the best thing you can do is see a urologist because it could be any number of things, clean behind it everyday and pull it back all the way every day when your in a hot bath or shower, try this for a few weeks and if it doesn't work go see a urologist

It sounds as if you have allowed your foreskin to adhere to the glans. I think if you gradually and gently pull it back as far as it can comfortably go and apply a lube or coconut oil, you may be able very gradually to coax it away from the glans again. It may take months of work.

This can happen when the foreskin is not retracted for a long period. It is called an adhesion.

You can try to separate the adhesion by gently peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis. You can use your thumbs to do it.

After it separates put some Vaseline on it to prevent it re-adhering.

If you can't get it to separate then you will have to see a consultant urologist.

You do NOT need a circumcision.

Try to separate it soon. I just had my circumcision 4 weeks ago with really bad adhesions. After 4 weeks my glans is still red, raw in some areas and very painful to touch or when it rubs.

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