Frenectomy without circumcision

Hello I am a 24 year old male having serious issues with a tight frenulum. It tore once and has not healed correctly since. I have done a lot of research on a frenectomy but I would like to avoid being circumsized if possible. I have torn it twice since the original tear and this last time there was bleeding. Need some advice as to having my frenulum removed and also doing so without circumcision. Thank you.

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  • Have a go with some steroid cream - It may enable it to stretch - Hydrocortisone availabe over the counter - stronger ones need prescription

  • How often do I apply it?

  • twice daily if required

  • I'll give that a go. I really don't want surgery. But this is extremely uncomfortable and annoying.

  • I'm not sure you won't get what you are asking for. Why are you so worried about circumcision?

  • I'm not a specialist, but I think you can have your frenulum removed/cut without being circumcised. Talk to a good andrologist


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