Double incision mastectomy-Desperately need your advise!

Hi, so sad to tell you all that I am a large chested man myself because I have severe gender dysphoria and so my boobs get itchy alot. On consultation with a surgeon in a clinic in Mississauga, I came to know about the double incision mastectomy procedure ( ) which I think can be considered in my case. Being a man who has not undergone any surgeries before, I'm really afraid. Also, I don't know hoe to come out to my friends and family if I get it done. Desperately need your advise!

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  • Hello,

    There are natural alternatives to relieve you of the symptoms and reduce the size.

  • Hi, the men's health forum recently published Your Body, Your Health. This is a guide aimed at transmen*, but it also has some really helpful information on chest surgery. I hope you find this informative and helpful >

  • Sounds like you need ongoing support re coming out to friends and family. There are some good facebook support groups for trans men - for example you could join 'All transmen know each other' is good.

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