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Itchy and bumpy scars not going away after circumcision


I had circumcision done 4 months back everything was good healed perfectly no pain but I have these bumpy and itchy scars all over my incision site that does not seem to go away except the itching is decreasing I have problem during sex

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You may have to apply some skin ointment. Ask your doctor

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Circumcision is not a happy operation. It leaves a scar and there is no way to tell how that scar is going to heal.

You have the typical two-toneed scar with significant colour variation between the skin side and the mucosa side.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration results in the scar becoming concealed by the lenghened shaft skin.

I have a similar issue to you, My incision ring had a bump however daily massage and pressure in all directions has reduced it significantly

Are you still able to have sex though bro? Also how long did it take for yours to heal pal?

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