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Coffee vs Tea

Coffee vs Tea

I have recently tried to make my first hot drink to be green tea and lemon, mainly because I know I'll have at least two cups of black coffee during the day at work. From the infographic below, either way I'm doing some good.

One area this infographic does not touch is the diuretic or water loss effect of each. My inclination would be to think tea has a greater hydrating effect than coffee.

What hot drink do you drink and why?

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Personally, I'm a tea person as I find coffee can give me headaches and just make me really thirsty. New research has shown the more cups of tea you drink, the less likely you are to develop diabetes (obviously if you have it without sugar). Mixing it up with green tea makes it a bit more interesting as well. I have a favorite fruit tea you can get in a cafe near to the office


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