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Need to lose weight, but can't leave the pub

Ok, I consider myself to be a reasonably healthy person. I eat healthy, I exercise regularly (ran a 10k yesterday!), but I just can manage to lose any weight! I am 90% sure my local pub is to blame for that and I have no idea how to leave it completely. I don't think I have an alcohol addiction or anything like that, it's more like social/cultural pressure. Anyone?

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Check out

Try the cutting down tips. If you can't do them, there's advice on what to do. You can talk to one of our GPs at


If you think you might be eating too much (even of good stuff), check out the one key diet tip: and the one surefire way of eating less:


Finally there's a Men's Health Forum booklet:


Hi ironmann - yeah itss pretty easy for one drink to turn into 3 or 4 when you're out, and you dont want your social life to go down. id say maybe suggest doing something pre-pub with your friends, and then have like 1 drink and you can call it a day? or have a rule where you only et 1 drink an hour, or after every other round your friends get. let me know how you get on.


I know all too well the desire to go drink and relax with your mates. The best thing someone told me was it gets easier everytime you say no. Sometimes it's too hard though, don't totally deny yourself the pleasure of a pub. In addition to this I've found mostly the drive to go out, as a man, is to meet women. I think it's just a subconcious desire to push you towards sex. It's why blokes who get a misses start to come out less. So maybe the best way to reduce time spent at the pub is to get a misses, if you don't have one, or try go on some dates.



I recently decided to make a concerted effort to lose some extra pounds. The decision was precipitated by the fact I am moving towards my 40s and so wanted to keep the weight off as my metabolism is starting to slow.

In terms of what has worked for me, I focused on changing one meal at a time. I changed breakfast by eating more protein (eggs, beans, some meat) with vegetables, and cutting back on the carbohydrates. I found that I felt full and ready to go, but without the bloated feeling.

I then moved to lunch where I started eating more tuna, chicken, spinach, kale, beans and broccoli. The impact was the same: feeling of more satiatedness but with fewer calories.

I've generally left dinner alone because I want to avoid calorie deficiency but also because I tend to eat with the whole family so it's a more difficult meal to control.

I tend to eat nuts, dried fruit and drink water during the day to stave off hunger.

The best trick I've found is to limit the number of foods I am eating and to repeat meals. It takes thinking out and makes it easier to replicate, while ensuring they are always healthy.

It is possible that following some of these ideas will have a positive impact on your health and physical appearance and this may trigger fewer trips to your local, which will also help you out financially.

The trick with anything on this level of behaviour change is to make sure it remains a positive and does not tip into excessive focus on one thing.

All the best.


crstein Great advice.


Might a suggest a change in thought?

"can't leave the pub" of course you can. You chose not to. You might chose not to go there in the first place. It is a matter of what is most important to you.

I don't seek to blame you but would encourage you to take responsibility.

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