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How to increase weight ?

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Hello everyone,

I wish you all well _ I'm brand new here and I'd love to

hear your advice to help me to put-on weight for a change.

I'm male, 5ft4in and a whopping 7st4lb .

Thank You ... jimicron ,,,

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Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is around 17.5 so yes, you are underweight. Is this a new thing? If it is you should see a doctor ASAP. If you have always been like this, have you had any investigations? You probably should. Have a look at the NHS website for advice on healthy eating. BTW, what age group are you?

The link is here: and advice about being underweight is here:

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jimicron in reply to xsevenx

Thanks_like this for eons_the clue is in my nickname_jim_micron {for tiny} My age group is 60+ _ so new I'm in the wrong group _ ah well I gave it a shot ! QueSera... jimicron...

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xsevenx in reply to jimicron

What do you mean you are in the wrong group? I’m sure you are very welcome here.


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xsevenx in reply to B9bby

Haha true. But not very healthy.

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