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Buried penis. What can I do until I lose weight?


I deal with obesity, but I didn't have this much of a problem before even when I weighed more.

I can't stand up for more than a few minutes without my penis curling back into my skin and have to play with it to get it out.

I realized it was serious problem when pubic hairs were getting pulled inside and I had to shave them all off.

Is there any brace like evidence that will secure out until I lose weight? A plastic tube? A rubber band? I just can't take this for another month while I diet and exercise, and I can't exercise while having to fix my private area every 10 seconds. It has gotten so bad, that I don't even care if people are watching.

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Jack, I suffer from the same so dont beat yourself up. I haven’t heard of any devises to cure the problem. You can try extenders, and penis Exercises but I don’t think they will help with the buried problem. The only thing I have found is surgery. Dr elist offers a penile insert which claims to cure the problem and increase size. Something I’ve been considering but have to do more research. Good luck man, I know it’s sucks but what can we do.

JackM678 in reply to Jdouk6907

I tried putting a condom on which seems to be helping so far, as the ring at the end keeps it from getting sucked in by the skin. It's not ideal as it isn't keeping it straight, but enough for the moment.

Ive never heard of something like this before so all I can suggest is to go to the doctor's and they may refer youtoo a specialist, there will b something they can do but you need to see them mate, hope it works out for you and goodluck

So, this is a little embarrassing, but I think I may have discovered part of the cause. The last couple weeks, I was having some trouble with too many times getting up to urinate keeping me from sleep, so I tried wearing diapers for a week or so instead, which helped avoid getting up and not being able to fall back asleep, but kept my penis tucked in a downward vertical position for hours at a time. This caused it to bend a bit I think and tuck inward when not being held up.

I'm going to try keeping it wrapped in a cloth with tape on the outside to keep it in an upright position, and I found while walking around, wearing a condom helps keep it from getting folded and locked inside the skin.

The reason it helps is because it keeps the skin from folding downward over it. Why this is happening now I'm not so sure of, because I've had more weight issues than I have now without this. I'm hoping after I drop 10-15 pounds this may go away, but right now I'm putting on a condom and then wrapping it with some tape so that the skin doesn't fold below the penis and make it stuck.

Hi Jack,

I don't have buried penis, but have experienced retraction where my penis retracts to the point where it feels like I'm uncircumcised (I'm circumcised). I've used self adhesive stretch bandage tape also sometime called cohesive tape. If you get the 2 inch tape and wrap it around your penis (not to tight as you don't want to cut off any circulation) it helps keep it from retracting. You can find the stuff at the store or on amazon. Hope that helps.

It would have to be one that doesn't squeeze or cut off blood flow. I'm not interested in something that is designed for the purpose of having long lasting erections.

I wasn't asking for methods of sexual pleasure...

Have you asked your doctor about a referral for liposuction to reduce the fatty pubic pad?

there is no simple remedy. I've had the problem over 6 years. the only solution is surgery which I don't want to do, guess I rather suffer. I did check and there is a Dr Gary Alter who does the procedure in California. I had emailed him pictures and said I was an ideal candidate still didn't want to do it. My urologist actually recommended doing nothing. Here is Dr Alter's website which has examples garyalterplasticsurgeon.com. lots of luck.

WOW - I checked out that web site. Fantastic link. Thanks for sharing. I do not have buried penis but I've seen that before. Very interesting.

And good luck, Jack!

Nothing has worked so far. Bandages, tape, condoms, rings, etc.. They all come loose or don't stop the skin from folding down.

What's happening is the stomach fat is pushing against the pubic region, and then it is pushing out everything and keeping the penis buried. What's awkward is that I've never had this problem to this extreme even when I weighed more than I do now.

The only times it doesn't happen are when I feel high level of testosterone, so during and in between erections. Most other times, I feel a saggy patch of skin surrounding the penis, and it folds up inside that skin. Ever since I started feeling a bit ill, my sex drive feels low, which I don't care so much about, but the penis feels lighter and too thin like blood is not circulating enough.

I am losing weight which I think will help in the long run, but no short term solutions other than play with myself to fix it when hopefully nobody is watching or knowing what I'm doing sees. I try to make it seem like I'm tucking my shirt in.

Liposuction to remove the fat might be the answer.


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