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30 years old and just had circumcision!

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Hey guys!

I had a circumcision 2 weeks ago due to tight foreskin. This was causing pain during sex and masturbation so needed to get sorted out.

Op went well and everything seems to be healing great. I did have to go onto antibiotics after 1 week as around the stitches was looking red and inflamed. But one week later it seems to have gone down alot which is a relief!

I understand I need to give the healing alot more time and I've been advised not to masturbate or have sex for about another month yet, plus I've read online that if I wait even longer it will help scar recovery.

I still have stitches which don't appear to be dissolving just yet. In your experience should these have disappeared by now or will it be a few more weeks?

I've also noticed where the banjo string was there is a round lump with stitches currently in. I'm hoping this lump will go down as it looks a bit strange. Is this standard to have this during a circumcision?

Looking forward to hearing back from you all.

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3 weeks for my stitches to dissolve. The running stitch which went around my incision was tied off by my frenulum so that might be the same for you. It was the last bit to heal and the last stitch to come out. I had previously had a frenuloplasty and had that bump for a few weeks after the operation. It's an incredibly sensitive area so keep an eye on it.

Hold off masturbation and thrusting penetrative sex for as long as you can. You'll probably give in and end up playing with it in the next couple of weeks but don't go hammering away on it. It's OK to come (you might have a wet dream anyway) but it's the mechanical up and down gripping action of masturbation that slows down healing. Also, if you're anything like me, you'll find that masturbation is very different after circumcision.

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MalcolmPara in reply to circblog

Thanks for the guidance hopefully my stitches start to dissolve over the next week or two!

Will keep an eye on the lump sounds like the same thing I'm on about which reassures me a bit.

Yeah think I'll wait as long as a I can really. My wife is pregnant anyway so might not be getting as much nookie as before haha

Whats the most different in terms of masturbation out of interest?

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circblog in reply to MalcolmPara

I've just blogged about it here - circdotblog.wordpress.com/2... - early days. Congrats on the baby news

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MalcolmPara in reply to circblog

Amazing thank you I'll have a read now

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MalcolmPara in reply to circblog

Been such a good read. Sounding very similar to what I've gone through and felt so thays encouraging to know it's normal.Looking forward to the weeks ahead of healing

No need to worry brother, I have gone through such situations but it's a matter of time and patience. The stitches stuff, mine have taken some time to dissolve, actually a had to put them out since the had broken up and need me to pick them out but this has been in 4weeks time. Other experiences are normal since it's a new environment for the cut Mr P.I have tried using some warm water with some little salt o quicken the healing and stitches to dissolve.

Just hold back having sex and masterbation for you will have to after some weeks if at all you need that much.

But all in all big up for the decision made.

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MalcolmPara in reply to Ddembe

Thanks man appreciate the reply!I'm going to give salt water a few times a day a go to help with healing.

Normally a shower guy but been having more baths recently to help healing and stitches.

Yeah think I'm going to try and hold off sex and masturbation for as long as I can.... finding it tough already 🤣

You should shower rather than bathing until your wounds are all completely healed as showers feed clean water all the time whereas soaking in a bath is lying in dirty water and having it in contact with your wound for far too long.

Water will not soften nor dissolve the stitches which are ultimately consumed from the inside by enzymes brought to the site by your lymphatic system.

I've been having showers before to get clean then I've jumped into a bath.Good to know about the stitches I'll just wait for my body to break break down

In my case that round lump was the scab forming. Gradually it came off with nice regular showers. I too had an infection

Mines took 4 weeks as well for the final 2 stitches to fall out. The best thing i got from discovering this forum was the advice from others telling me to use coconut oil for healing, it works great in healing!

Yeah I've seen the same! Bio Oil also I believe. Would you apply it a few times a day to the scar?

Yeah I apply it when I wake up probably also around afternoon and then I wanna play it again when I go to sleep, not sure if it’s as effective three times a day as opposed to just one but I do it anyways

Stitches are starting to dissappear now which is great. Got about 4 left 😀.One side however still looks very lumpy where the stitches have been/still are.

Did anyone else have this and if so how long did it take to go down?

All stiches have now gone 😀 and scar is really starting to reduce in size and go down. Will look to use bio oil regularly in a week or so

I had circumcision a year ago in 21st October, 2020. The swelling didn't even go away by 1% till now!! It's completely swollen and I don't know if this is normal. It scares me a lot!!

I'd go see a doctor if it's been a year and the swelling hasn't gone down. I'm due a follow up appointment with my surgeon after 3 months post op. Did you have the same?

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