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Worried about size after circumcision

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I am a grower and before I would go from 3 inches to 5.5-6 hard however now I’m barely 4 and struggle to stay hard. Also worried about stitches.


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When did you have your circumcision?

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Pgp_2020 in reply to Osidge

3.5 weeks ago

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Pgp_2020

You are really quite early in the healing process. It is far too early to be worrying about size issues

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Pgp_2020 in reply to Osidge

How many weeks do you think until it gets to normal size again or does that even happen.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Pgp_2020

You cannot put a time on it. You can only wait until your penis is fully healed and the skin has got used to its new situation

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Pgp_2020 in reply to Osidge

Ok thank you

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man271762 in reply to Pgp_2020

Can yall look at my post and aanswer

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man271762 in reply to Osidge

Look at my post

Did you lose girth

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Pgp_2020 in reply to 1944red


I feel your pain. I’m 5 years post op and no where near the size I was erect pre op. Doc cut me to tight.

But you’re still in recovery stage. Lots of bruising etc. Give it chance

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Mickey2323 in reply to C4rl

Sorry man uros are horrible

They're the worst, I hope there is an afterlife and they suffer the same pain they caused others for their own profit.Dr Malhotra at Advanced Urology Medical Centers is the worst and he will lie to you, tell you not to go to the ER, not listen to you before or after and gaslight you about how it went.

I'm still traumatized because he held me down and didn't let me cancel the circumcision he scheduled on my 2nd appointment tment with him, having tried no alternative treatment for mild balanitis I last had in 2018.

It was HEALED by the 2nd visit since he explained to me what the white stuff that buids up on the 1st visit when I admitted I didn't have good hygiene. Smegma

By them 2nd visit 1 month later I had been having sex and showering immediately after while drying myself good.

He even acknowledged but nothing would deter him from cutting my foreskin off.

It looks horrible, painful and have had to go to the ER 3 times because of paraphimosis he caused by cutting and stitching too tight, infe tion he knew I was in antibiotics for the day of infection and then organ damage and inflammation. Because of so much drugs and antibiotics he put me on.

When I asked an ER nurse if the bandage was on too tight and that's why I had been almost passing out, vomiting , my shaft telescoping over the top and extreme pain:?; she said I should ask a lawyer.

Since then other doctors have admitted they will protect other doctors over my health and the insurance companies will Pontius Pilate

Tort laws protect them and medical boards believe in "rehabilitation of bad doctors and nothing is perfect".

Urologists belong in jail

We had a big movement in the USA over an average 1,000 police shooting where cops covering up for other cops, or the blue shield wall of silence was a problem.Why aren't we standing up for the 1 million Americans injured on average every year because of medical malpractice and over 200,000 killed annually?

White coat wall of silence aka the Medical Industrial Complex aka Medical Mafia.

Because they lobby all legislators and are a 5 trillion$ industry where people see doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals as the good guys.

And because dead men can't tell tales, nor do you bite the hand that treats you because everyone gets sick.

You are still very early in your healing. What type of circumcision did you have. Did you tell your doctor about you being a grower and do a lose circumcision and not take a lot of the skin. I hope you get it back.. Good luck Ken

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Pgp_2020 in reply to ken1955

I’m not sure what I got and I didn’t say anything to the doc

You should have talked to the doctor before you had the surgery. If you are a grower that would been most of your grow is inside. You had enough to grow. If he took to much off you will not get the full length. I have seen a few like that. When they get the erection. There is not enough skin to get to the full growth. When he had his erection it pull the head down. I hope this does not happen to you. Good luck...Ken

I talked to mine because he wouldn't take no for an answer when I tried to cancel it after seeing me only one day before scheduling a circumcision for me and realizing I wasn't going to get out of there with my foreskin.Crouching tiger hidden dragon, he and his nurse held me down and would push me back down.

Dr Malhotra?

Anyone have a similar experience with Advamced Urology Medical Offices?

Please reply, this guy is out there blindsiding patients and hurting them for profit.

He lied about the diagnosis to get the surgery approved, lied about the healing and risks, lied about being able to canceling I showed up but charging me almost a thousand dollars to if I didn't and then about the surgery going perfect.

Said in 4 weeks I'd be able to have sex again after he did it and I stopped struggling when he started cutting so I wouldn't cause a botched circumcision.

Try everything before you get a circumcision as an adult.

Go to different urologists and ask all the question, overshare a d if you feel uncomfortable and they won't let you out, knock the doctor and their nurse over and tell the police why.

BecUs enough can't turn back time and there is no justice or accountability for doctor because of tort laws and doctors protecting other doctors.

Anyone have experience in knowing if it’s healed right or if it’s looking good I can show pics

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Pgp_2020

No pics please!!

Mine take 6 weeks the suture cut by myself

Was it smaller for a while or did it back to normal size

For me it’s normal since the start but everyone is different no worry maybe it’s still hurt that your not grow long as normal

Are you allow to show pictures. I had my circumcision and lost about an inch erect.

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Pgp_2020 in reply to 1944red

I tried to put up a pic but wouldn’t let me

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1944red in reply to Pgp_2020

Thanks Pgp

how long ago did u have it?

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Pgp_2020 in reply to ncdthvcghhh

Coming up on 4 weeks

As you are unable to sustain the erections it’s indicative that you have not fully healed. Give it some time.

Also, when you are erect pay attention to the base of the penis to see if the skin at the base of your penis is now getting pulled up the shaft. Let us know how it is. That will indicate if the cut was too tight.

BTW tight is good cause it stretches the skin and enhances the sensitivity and firmness of erection.

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Pgp_2020 in reply to YumTea

It was pulled up too tight as I’m basically fully healed and only about 4.5 inches hard when u was about 5.5-6 and also the back of my penis the shaft is very high up now so they’re a lot of skin and kind of hard to jerk off and keep a condom on.

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YumTea in reply to Pgp_2020

After circumcision the way you masturbate has to change. It no longer can include moving your shaft skin up and down. It now involves rubbing the shaft and the penis glans (head) to stimulate and achieve orgasm. Most people who get circumcised as an adult default to pulling the shaft skin because that’s what they are used to.

You have to instead rub one out… and if that is hard to do because your skin may be still sensitive use lubricant like coconut oil or water based gel lubricant.

The skin can loosen over time but it’s not something that will happen in a few weeks or months.

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Pgp_2020 in reply to YumTea

I mean my balls before the surgery would start high enough up my penis already but after surgery it’s higher up again to the poin it’s about 2cm from the tip. I think it’s called peniscrotal webbing and I may have to ask my urologist about it but worried I may not be able to afford it.

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YumTea in reply to Pgp_2020

That is really high up. Your doctor should have factored that in when he was doing the Pre-Op approach plan. There are surgical treatments for peniscrotal webbing. There are some doctors m/urologist who specialize in adult circumcision and also perform these procedures. You may want to consult one of them who has experience doing this.

A lot of guys lose size after unfortunatly uros don’t acknowledge it

With all respect. Why did you have a circumcision in the first place.

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Pgp_2020 in reply to 1944red

Tight fore skin

I do not get the responses about the size, it makes no sense. If I were you I would not be worry. The circumcision does not affect the corpus cavernosa and spongiosium. Therefore I think when you will be perfecly healed, it will go back to its usual size.

Also concerning the response precising that if too much skin has been removed then you could not reach your full length. Mmmm...the skin has some elasticity, give it some time. Remember that you were still on half of the mean time of recovery.

Could you please update us about your situation now?

I’m healed now and nearly full size again however yes too much skin was removed as I now have a bad case of penoscrotal webbing as a good amount of skin was taken and the webbing is pretty far up my shaft.

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