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Worried about size post circumcision

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So I was circumcised just over two weeks ago. I know it’s still early, but any election I currently get is smaller than before, maybe half the length. What kind of circumcision would you say this is (tight, high, low etc)? And do you think my size will return when the stitches have fallen out?

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Don't worry mate . I was also having the same thought while recovering . My penis looked small and I was kind of worried but it was all cool later on .

In 4th or 5th week it went back to the normal size .

Don't worry about it .

Right now you are recovering and have stitches give it 2-3 more weeks

Thanks, this helps a lot

It will go back to normal. Our skin will stretch given times. Penis size won't shrink or enlarge by its own. Maybe months to year though. Magic blue piIIs help a lot. So happy 😊 l found reliablewebs.net/go/ED ❤️ and got V* with promo code "GET10". My erections are long, full, thick and hard. Like penis is stretching out of its skin.

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Rudjeg in reply to RafaelGel

Good promo

Just give it some time and before size will come back. The penis just needs some time to adjust after being circumcised. Some men even report the glans flaring out after the circumcision.

Should I also give it 2-3 more weeks for the stitches to go? Even though mine are dissolvable and according to the surgeon and GP, should go by day 10? I'm on day 9. Apparently after 12-14 days they need to be removed because it helps healing?

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High and tight cut?

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Johnny12453 in reply to Mik91

I did think that, just wasn’t 100%

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Mik91 in reply to Johnny12453

It is. Gonna be very Nice when healed and its gonna feel amazing

You have a high circumcision scar placement. Does the skin move much when you get erect? That would dictate whether or not it’s a tight cut.

Thank you

Penis Size after Circumcision.

1. The foreskin is part of the penis, so when it is amputated by circumcision, one has less penis. The bulk, width, and length are reduced.

The foreskin provides width and girth to the penis because it is two layers of skin, mucosa, and muscle fiber that encircle the penis. When it is removed the shaft is narrower and smaller.

2. The foreskin provides the necessary skin to allow for expansion of the penis during erection. When it is cut off, there may not be the necessary skin, in which case the penis is constrained to a smaller, shorter size.

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Johnny12453 in reply to Bucky85

Do you think that would be a huge difference?

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techie211 in reply to Bucky85

Not true. At least in my case. My sh*t looks thicker/fatter hard or soft.

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Yeah, my friends used to tell me that my glans looks bigger than before my circumcision.

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I was circumcised as a baby and had a revision when I was 20. My glans penis definitely increased in size. We had our sons circumcised as babies and they both have big glans penises. I’m not saying it always happens but circumcision can definitely make it bigger.

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True bro.

K, so its just the skin outside of the head, so thats the only thing that may look smaller. At first i was about 1.5 inches smaller and by week 7 or 8 i was back to normal. During the survery bloodvessels are cauterized so it takes a while for the bloodflow to go back to normal.

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Delboy48 in reply to adultcirc

Hey i just posted a question about this im 3wks post op and looks bigger when flaccid but a bit shorter when erect so good to read these to put my mind at ease

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Jesse01 in reply to Delboy48

Did your penis got his normal length back now that months have passed?

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Ripman-123 in reply to Delboy48

Did your penis size increase after the circumcision

Overall penis size doesn’t increase from circumcisions but prolonged exposure of the penis head to friction can cause it to dry out and thicken over time and appear more flared around the rim of the helmet

All good man. I have a similar cut. You’ll be happy with the outcome

Johnny chill lad your dicks fine let healing take time they only cut skin off not your knob and if tightness preventing length erect I was same skin will stretch over few months with sex and wanks as well as boners so chill and wait it will be 10 inch again lol

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Johniy in reply to Tedboyg

Hy please explain I feel like webbed penis after circumcision

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Tedboyg in reply to Johniy

What's it like it was 3 months ago m8

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Johniy in reply to Johniy

I feel like webbed penis after circumcision, anybody having same issue?

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Miamimarlon1 in reply to Tedboyg

Good to hear...im post op 4 weeks exactly an when i get erect i can feel it being held back from normal length an it scares me...but u say after a while itll go back to pre circumsision size??...what can i do to help cause doctor wont tell me

Me too .. Got circumsized a week ago and I feel the same thing. It's like my cock is being restricted from going free..

Any betteryet....same story here an im 7 weeks out

Im 4 weeks out and its about 2 inches different maybe scary shit but mine got infected and had to have 2 courses of antibotics so my surgeon said I would be 2 weeks behind usual. Total shitfest of a time waiting for it to return

Itll return...I thought the same thing

It really is the devils operation haha

Hey. I’m week 6 and I’m shocked how much smaller. Like 2 n half. You think it will be ok.

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Theoharry in reply to Crookling

Hey man - how you feeling ? Any difference ? I went through the same thing. It’s about 9 weeks now and it doesn’t feel back to size. It feels like my penis shaft is inside my body. And I lost weight this year. Makes no sense

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Crookling in reply to Theoharry

Feels still prob an inch shy to me ive been about 6 weeks now but had complications with infection the scar feels abit tight and I hope it will return to normal.

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Theoharry in reply to Crookling

Had the same infection. It was like a heat rash... Doc said it essentially set me back a month. I’m at 9 weeks now so I guess 12 weeks it should be back to normal But I still look at the bottom of my penis shaft that connects to ball sack and it just doesn’t feel like there is enough skin there for it to get full extension like it used to. Really frustrating.

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Crookling in reply to Theoharry

I told my surg that its a large change from soft to hard and hes done it so theres skin available but still it does feel abit restricted. Time will tell I get a review in Feb. This no sex thing is really not cool its made me pretty restless and grumpy!

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Astre in reply to Crookling

How exactly did you know it was infected? I’m kind of worried about mine. There is a lot of brown scabbing and crust all over and a little redness on the bottom

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Crookling in reply to Astre

It was yellow and smelt like rotting flesh but it wasnt me who decided Im not a doctor. I saw my GP and he gave me antibotics as it was his opinion it was infected.

It didnt improve much so I had my specialist who did the surgery look at it, who took swabs and I was put on specific antibotics based off the swab results.

It was looking much better after 2 weeks and now its flattened out and looking pretty good.

Its your dick man if you think its infected at all, definitely worth getting a medical professional to check it.

May it whatsoever type or style of cut bro, as far as based on my research before my surgery I get to know circumcision do not affect the size of our sexual tool. However, you might feel so as you still in the healing process and yet do not really reach the maximum level of your erection point. I felt the same after my circumcision for cosmetic reason, but once after its healing, my penis gets into the size before the cut.

Hey man saw that your post is from 3 months ago, are things better now?

Ah yeah bro , I had mine done 9 days ago now and mines like yours all swollen does anybody have any tips to reduce swelling and to make the stiches fall quicker how long does it usually take for the stiches to fall and if so does this reduce swelling ?

Guys... I am concerned! I had circumcision done and now my penis is against my body. What is going on? If its at least like the one in the photo I would feel better but now I dont have the size Im used to. Its now 4 days after the circumcision and it hurts when I go hard. I can hardly walk with a hard on. Should I be concerned?

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7270 in reply to Tech007

Give it time m8.....u will be back to ua regular bonar within couple of weeks

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Fml1986 in reply to Tech007

Hi mate did it go back to normal? If so how long . Please help 😩

Hey, Johnny, so how about now? is thats recovered?? your size

Hey, i was wondering that did you go through laser circumcision or surgery? And how about now, has the size now come to normal?

Hi johnny12453 I know exactly where your coming from. It's been 2 weeks for me and I feel I lost at least half the length but thickness has increased. Maybe cause of swelling. Someone please advise.

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mzg139 in reply to BoyBello

Same here, it's been about 2 weeks and I feel like Iost some size, don't know if it "reexpands" after couple of months as the some veins get cauterized.

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Miamimarlon1 in reply to mzg139

Im goin thru same thing...did u return to normal size...im nervous now...im 4 weeks post op

Im goin thru same thing...2months out...did u regain ur full erect length yet

Did you get back to normal?

More an more everyday

Damn ok good to hear, I’m 2 weeks post op and seem to have lost abt an inch. Hoping it comes back sooner rather than later.

Yea i was too....but after bout 2 months its all normal

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Natures in reply to BoyBello

Bro I have the same problem now my dick is short bt it’s size is big

Guy the size of your penis will return back to normal. The swelling and stitches really hold your penis tightly together preventing the penis to reach it's full size...but after a few weeks (3 -5 weeks) your penis will to normal. After 2 months you'll be at full throttle.

I’m curious as to how you healed. On the photo it looks like yr doctor did a nice job! Hope yr doing well.

Just got mine done about 2 weeks ago and was worried about the same thing! After reading this post I feel a lot better! Good to know things should be back to normal soon.

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MichaelL13 in reply to Xystify

Your size return to normal eventually?

Is great to read all your comments here. I was seriously concerned that they might have cut off too much skin. I am not 4 days post op and my penis is now inside my body. Erection is also extremely painful and I am about halve the size I was previously erect. I sure hope it returns to normal as you all say, as I was start to wonder if something went wrong with the operation.

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MrKenny in reply to jgb1973

It will go back to normal length in time. Don’t worry about that. Mine shrunk like a tortoise’s head during the healing process and I was in the shame shoes as you. Once healed, yours will look great by the photo you took.

Yours is looking good! Did surgeon keep the frenulum intact?

I’m over 2 years into my circumcision and the original problem was a tight frenulum and breve. I had a short foreskin but surgeon kept the frenulum and cut foreskin too short. Hence the skin at the base where it meets the scrotum pulls onto the shaft when erect leaving no room for my balls to hang. They move to each side of the erect shaft!

in reply to MrKenny

Sounds like he circumcised you when he could have just removed your frenulum.

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MrKenny in reply to

Yup! 😥

in reply to MrKenny

Sorry to hear that. What are they doing for you now?

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MrKenny in reply to

Nothing. I think frenulum is better than before but still see scaring/redness from time to time but not as bad. I don’t want to go for another op to remove it.

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What did they say to you prior to your circumcision? I think they are very quick to do circumcisions . I mean if you have managed to stretch your frenulum now why did they not suggest that from the start? Because it’s easier to circumcise you. Did you get done on the nhs?

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MrKenny in reply to

No idea. I relied on his expertise to do what was best.

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