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28 days in, anyone else worried about size after being circumcised?

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So few things I have noticed my cock seem a lot small but then I read it’s normal to lose some size afterwards. Has anyone noticed this / any advise on it returning ?

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Looks pretty good to me.

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Thanks mate

Looks incredible

This seems pretty common. Size tends to return to normal after a few months. I think your penis looks really good.

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It just something they don’t tell you when having the operation

Looking okay to me definitely would like mine to look like that me thinks you have my half.

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I’m sure that’s not the case at all

Looks GREAT for 28 days!

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I’m surprised how quick it’s healed. I don’t seem to have any issues

Looks good mate

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Thanks for that’s

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Messaged you mate 👍

Looks great!

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Thanks for that mate at least you get honesty on here

At one month this certaunly is nothing to realy worry about.

Some guys may lose an inch or so in length but it will come back sooner or later.

From what I've read it can take up to two years. The more you use it the faster it will come back.

In your picture the results look to be very nice with the size and healing process. Just have a little patience and keep using it. Too much worry is not helpful in the least.

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Thanks for the advise. There so much googling you can do. Hence how I come across this site

Looks good. I actually had an increase in girth after circumcision.

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Oh really I’m looking forward to see what comes of this afterwards. It’s been battle for year or so now

Looks good to me.

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Thanks very much just one of them things you worry about and plays on your mind

Losing body fat usually makes a penis appear longer. You seem to be the normal range, so there isn't any reason to be concerned about it's size.

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Oh I have to much body prob don’t help haha 😂

Looks Great to me

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Thanks mate just hard to think how it could have been

Bro, this is after what?

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Been circumcised

Unfortunately yes

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Why unfortunately?

I was circumcised

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Oh fair play

I really believe most was taken form me then. U?

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Well I know I’m not my normal size putting that way

I'm barely 5.5 myself

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I was 8 now down to 7 so it’s like oh didn’t know this was going to happen

I'm 3 in flaccid and barely 5.5. U still bigger than me bro

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Nothing wrong being small flaccid I’m not massive when flaccid. I have to becareful with what I wear sometimes

U there

U have to be careful?? Why??

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When wearing shorts but glad it’s not massive

Never had that problem...

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I wouldn’t worry if I was you. Everyone different size and shape

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Very worried about size

U had a problem with size?

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I feel I do a little now after being circumcised 4 weeks ago

Bet its better than 5.5

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I think us all men worry about size in general

No doubt

U there?

It looks great mate

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Thanks mate really appreciate it. :)

Looking good. It takes months for everything to settle and return to normal.

How are you finding it?

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Well just that trying to work what else can happen and what else can change.

I’m finding it better I’ve got back to wanking now just not had sex yet

Hey, your Dr did a beautiful job. Looking pix perfect incision. What city did have this done? I'm needing a revision. Btw, you were blessed with a nice one. Use it in good health!

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I had it done in kent in maidstone

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NHS or Private?

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Wish I was that big man. Looks awesome. Im 3 weeks post op and developed some lumps that feel like scar tissue or a vein

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It will keep changing. So I wouldn’t worry to much I have been wanking and that’s all. The scar tissue will be hard but will go down. I’m just enjoy the different

Oh! not only the size but you have lost half of your sensitivity and loss will compound as you get older and probably ending up with ED.

I’d prefer partial Circumcision/high-loose cut that covers yours glans to an extent in flaccid state, also give you comfortable retraction during erection and keep frenulum sensual sensitivity. It also gives you the opportunity to do revision surgery if situation arises. Full Circumcision is dead end, Results are irreversible. It’s even more dumb especially if it’s for cosmetic reasons. Good luck.

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Dude, do you even know the complications faced after partial circumcision. Skin on glans gets tighter eventually and you end up getting phimosis again.

I did not lose size, and I don’t think anyone does. Unless you were adding length of foreskin prior to circumcision? Looks fine. Be well.

NICE looking penis. Your surgeon did an excellent job of removing your foreskin.😍

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