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Length of erect penis after circumcision (size concern).

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It has been 9 weeks since my circumcision and when I get an erection, the length of my penis is about 2 inches shorter than it was before the procedure. I have only regained a small amount of the length I lost, in the last few weeks.

Is this normal? How long does it normally take to get the full length back (I'm not including foreskin in any of these measurements)? I also have a little webbing that occurs during erections which I didn't before. I was afraid my surgeon cut off too much, but I have seen many images of post circumcision photos on surgeons' web pages and mine isn't too far off from what I can tell.

This is very stressful. I would like to get some feedback from those who have experienced the same thing before I go back to my surgeon.

I am getting strong erections, if that helps with the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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Same issue here. I’m about 5 weeks post and have noticed a significant decrease in erect length. Skin from the groin is being pulled forward during the erecting resulting in pubic hair being pulled onto the shaft which I never experienced before. Scrotum is also bring pulled forward during erection? Are you experiencing the same? Let me know how it plays out

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Yup, same here with the pubic hair and it's really bothering me. And, the scrotum.

Hi. Same here. On further observation I think I was experiencing two things: 1) an optical illusion - so before the circumcision, the length of the penis was one continuous colour (total length). After the circumcision, that colour was changed or shortened by the amount of foreskin removed, playing all kinda tricks on the mind in the early days (perceived shorter penis). 2) penis shyness - remember the boy has gone through a traumatic experience. Like a turtle you have to be patient luring him out. He's just a bit scared to come out now. He will be fine.

My observations so far. Get well soon.

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Health56 in reply to Boldaz2000

I actually measured before and after, so that is what I'm basing it on. I agree with your second point. Thanks for the well wishes.

It's possible for this to happen with an extreme neonatal circumcision, but I don't see how it could happen with an adult circumcision and certainly not for over an inch difference, as the glans and shaft stay the same. There isn't much you can to make it longer or shorter, even with surgery. If your surgery was only nine weeks ago, there's still time to change too.

Are you measuring your penis now the exact same way you measured it before? You may be measuring from further forward than before, especially if there is any tension around where the the shaft meets your pelvis (you mentioned webbing).

Did you ask for the circumcision to be especially tight?

Is your erection at the same angle as before?

Is it getting just as hard as before?

These threads may be useful:



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Health56 in reply to ml66uk

I'm measuring the exact same way as before. It is difficult to tell at this time if there is tension where the shaft meets the pelvis because when I get an erection, there's still a bit of pain in the area where the surgery was performed, which is the healing that still needs to occur that you mentioned.

I didn't discuss tightness with my surgeon because I didn't know that was a thing. I was under the impression that there was a scientific way of determine how much to remove given that the skin in the area had a name, "foreskin". My surgeon was thorough in explaining the procedure and healing process , but he did not mention a single thing about post-surgery erections and tightness. Unfortunately, I learned about loose and tight, and high and low, after the surgery and now I'm thinking, "what if he made it excessively tight?". I wish I had know there was such a thing, because I would have asked for a somewhat loose result as the difference in size between my erect penis and not erect is quite significant.

Same angle as before.

Hard to explain hardness given the fact that it hasn't fully healed. I guess you could say it is as hard as it can be at this stage. Aside from the pain around the suture site when I have an erection, that is gradually improving over time as things heal on the inside, I would say it's a healthy hardness.

One thing I noticed, the hair that was at the base of my penis is now being pulled forward when I have an erection, so I have more hair around the shaft and I am extremely unhappy about that. Are thing suppose to loosen up? In other words, will that part of the skin move back so that the hairy part isn't so much around the shaft?

Thanks for your feedback.

How long would you say I need to wait? Also, how can I tell if too much skin was removed?

I'm experiencing the same thing. 3 and a bit weeks into my recovery and finally worked up the courage to get an erection on purpose to see how it looked and it's about an inch and a half smaller... Worried they've cut too much skin off or something and it's not allowing the full amount of stretching.

I’m one month out today and I’m experiencing the same exact thing. I text my doc and he said that as the skin stretches and softens over time it will go back to normal. I hope he’s correct. I’m 2 inches shorter on erections. Hard to explain but I feel like the skin is stretched to it’s max and holding back the rest of my length. Every time I get a hard on I try to stretch the skin at the base.

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Jjl23 in reply to Jmac12

Hi bro. How are you now a month on? I got the same problem about 2 and a half weeks post surgery.

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Jmac12 in reply to Jjl23

I’m about 2 months out now. It’s a little better but nothing like it was. I just try to stretch it as much as I can when I get a hard on. Still about 2 inches shorter than before. It’s still in there but the skin is so tight that it won’t let it stretch out. Not sure if that makes sense or not.

I’m 10 months post op and I lost 2 inches and doesn’t seem it will come back,, surgeon says to stretch,, but not optimistic at this point

I have same problem at least 2 inches shorter tried pulling stretching but still small

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No way man. How long ago 😩

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Same here? I think these doctors are cutting too much off on purpose.Is it true they sell the skin?

Profit motive or they think a lot of people are 6 inches.

I was 8inches on a good day.

Only 18 days in but it looks at best like 6.5 now.

The skin from my pubic area and ballpark also gets pulled forward and not even fully erect when the pain wakes me up.

75% or so erect.

Who is in California? LA County?

We need tort reform.

Circumcision is a fraud sold by hucksters, troglodytes and for-profit loons. You are correct. Which is why the rest of the civilised world does not do it.

Hi how are you getting on now cause I’m experiencing the same nightmare. Thanks

I had op in February i tried everything still shorter otherwise all good apart from swelling on underside

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Hi bro, how are you now? I'm having the same concern 2 and a half weeks post-surgery.

same nightmare here, had surgery (circumcision and frenuloplasty) in mid february and the thing was almost half length than before.. by now already recovered a bit of size but i’d still say 2” smaller than my length before op. also erections are still not 100% hope it gets back to normal soon, as i am very worried about it. doctor said to give it time, but of course he’s not having this issue, it’s me.

Is it true they sell the skin from the circumcision?Seems like they might be cutting off too much on purpose or using a cookie cutter to make them all smaller

They do. Pharmaceutical companies buy them for several purposes.

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Jjl23 in reply to thanumberone

Hi bro, how are you now? I'm having the same concern 2 and a half weeks post-surgery.

Alright, I am 3 months post surgery and I have regained my length by 2 months mark.


Here is why your length is low in the first place, After a surgery, tissues around the incision site have considerable internal swelling (Not to be confused with visible swelling).

People generally gain some girth during this time. So your length has to compensate for that increase in girth due to internal tissue swelling.

This will generally go back to normal as the swelling subsides over time. These times vary from person to person. For some people, it may take a year. But for most of the people, it'd be around 2-3 months.


This is very normal and this happens when your surgeon took off a little more skin than they should have.

But you don't need to worry about this. Why? Because your skin always stretches to accommodate the new length over time. It should stretch to a new length by 2 months mark. Tight skin is also one of the reasons your penis looks short. Because it constricts the full expansion of your penis.

I had this issue and I was worried about it. My foreskin felt so thin and tight when I had an erection, I couldn't even lift my skin up with my fingers. Guess what? everything went back to normal after a couple of months. Your nocturnal erections will help your skin stretch. And occasional masturbation should speed up this process as well (Don't do anything rough).


The key is to not focus on it every day. I know it's hard to do (at least for the first 2 months), but you got to leave it alone and let your body take care of the healing process.

Many would say it takes at least 6 -9 months for everything to heal and settle down. So patience is your best friend here.

Why do doctors lie and say 4 weeks?They literally lie about everything? And can never admit they messed up? Just hoping it gets resolved.

I think tort reform and mandatory paper consent forms are needed.

They hide the risks and push surgery rather 5han other treatments.

4 weeks mark is the time where your scar gains reasonable strength. And most of the people can resume their sexual activity by 5 weeks mark. So in a way it's true.

But I agree, Most of the doctors don't give enough details.

I think we can extrapolate numbers from testimony here and realize that most complications go unreported since the doctor will just string patients along for 10+ weeks.I think if they fully informed patients, no one would get it unless absolutely necessary.

I would've rather kept trying the cream and learned about skin stretches than being Blindsided by surgery on the 2nd visit.

I have same experience as you surgeon just want money any how he don’t think of loss in life.. if surgeon told everything about disadvantages and all then many of people not doing this if not that much necessary..

Because of cultural ignorance and the fact they want your money.

Hi bro, how are you now? I'm having the same concern 2 and a half weeks post-surgery.

I’m 3 years post circumcision and I never regained the 2 inches I lost. It’s made me super insecure but I’ve kind of just accepted it as a way of life now. Wish I never got the circumcision. One of the worst decisions of my life.

Doctors lie

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