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Does penis size shortens after circumcision?

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I am on my 36th day post operation and I masturbated once in between. I felt that there is a reduction in my penis size. Can anyone just suggest me that what to do in this case? Will it become normal after two-three months post op?

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They don’t remove penile tissue when circumcised. They only remove the foreskin. You could still have some swelling which is holding your penis back. Does your penis skin feel very tight when erect? They may have removed too much foreskin.

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Shani_ in reply to Ipsquint47

No I don't feel that.....I have bit swelling around my incisions as it's my 36th day today..... and now I consulted my doctor that when my incision will mix with my shaft he replied 3 months....and I am just waiting....that will that swelled up skin will form a skin as well or not?

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Ipsquint47 in reply to Shani_

Once the swelling dies down you will have extra skin

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Shani_ in reply to Ipsquint47

Okay....thanx a lot ipsquint47.....I was bit tensed for that

I think that’s my case because my penis feels tight (in the back, I mean the scrotum) when erect. Not the normal circular tight around the glans that's obiously because of the circumcision scar, but tight at the lenght. I want to know if someone has the same issue and how it evolved

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cuth_25 in reply to garotosafe

I too have tight erections and feel like I’ll burst. Dont know when it’ll get back to normal. I am 5 week post op.

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garotosafe in reply to cuth_25

Same here. It feels tight at the lenght just like if the penis needs more sking to erect fully, I've read that's normal and the sking recovers with time but I want to know if someone has (or had) the same problem

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cuth_25 in reply to garotosafe

Ya man. I want to know if we can apply some oil or cream to deal with the tightness

I wouldn't think so, but I have read a lot of posts saying "I have lost 2" of erect length". I am confused, and wonder how they measured their penis before the op and after. In studies they use the boned pressed erect length, or the bone pressed stretched length which is supposed to be equivalent as the penis will only stretch to the point where it fully erects.

I was circumcised by my choice at 27, and I had zero problems, no loss of anything but the unwanted foreskin.

In my case I measured with a ruler pressed to my pubic bone, just like they do in studies, and recorded my stretched flaccid length and my erect length, both ignoring the foreskin completely. I’m hoping my skin will stretch out in time, but at the moment BOTH measurements are more than an inch less. If you took a tire inner tube and stuck it inside a tire that was too small, it would be constrained within the dimensions of that tire, regardless of how large it had been. That’s what I think a lot of us are dealing with.

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