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Penis size after circ

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I had cut 1+ month ago my frenulum still swollen and I measure while hard it measure at 5 + it visually it looks smaller I was 6.2 b4 circum is this temp will it go back looking better in time? don't wanna lose my length I know it not important but to me it kinda is

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Yup will go back to normal. Our skin will stretch given times. Penis size won't shrink or enlarge by its own. Maybe months to year though.

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Robert255 in reply to Benjamm01

I'm impatient lol

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Benjamm01 in reply to Robert255

Still there's nothing you can do.

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Robert255 in reply to Benjamm01

True just have to wait

Well that good to hear it come back

I have phimosis all my life didn't think much of till last year and got done by NHS not sure im happy about just yet cuz been thru hell got one circumc then got infected really bad was in hospital for week had to have 2 circum to kill the infection now it been a month since healing good they did say it look bit ugly and might have to have some skin thing to make it look prettier

The foreskin is one component of the penis. When it amputated, then the penis has less bulk, so your penis looks smaller.

Depending on how much skin was amputated, in some cases, not enough skin is left to allow the penile shaft to expand to full size during erection.

The swelling is caused by lymphoedema and is normal after circumcision.

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Robert255 in reply to Bucky85

Seriously go play in traffic

in reply to Robert255

Please desist from such comments

It comes back jelque and massage for skin to accommodate the full dick remember no dick length was cut off just the case so stretch the case skin and bingo big cock after I was same bro for 6mnth and all back check post after 1yr

Curcumsize wise post

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Robert255 in reply to Tedboyg

Yea no I rather not damage my penis from jelque

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Sanju1987 in reply to Tedboyg

Ted..I'm very worried...many have told that the reduction in penis size is temporary and that it comes back like before. But for me 6 months has passed and still I see the size isnt improving...How long will I be waiting ??

For full length up to a year as its not shrunk its most likely the skin is shorter now to the bellend what size was it before and now

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