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Flaccid size after circumcision

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I had my circumcision 4 weeks ago. I noticed a loss of length around 3 cm, but that is not a problem because that’s probably from the swelling. My problem is when in flaccid, my penis shrinks a lot and the glans is pressed against my underwear and acts like as it is buried. That’s happening only when I sit down. There is no problem when standing up. Is this also due to swelling? I didn’t have this problem before the operation. I should mention that I am a grower, from 5cm flaccid I go up to 16 cm erected.

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Thank you very much my friend for your reply. I will wait and keep you posted.

This also happens to me when I’m flaccid and sitting down but only sometimes, it really just depends on the day. I was circumcised 3 years ago and it still happens now so I feel like for me at least it’s just how it is now?

But it’s rare that that happens, usually only when it’s cold or something like that so I’m not overly concerned with it but I get it does not look or sometimes feel very nice.

But yes as others have said, you’re not fully healed yet so I wouldn’t stress about it too much!

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Kostas87 in reply to Randomme

I know right, it is frustrating. Time will tell, thanks for your reply.

Are any of you guys carrying a bit extra pubic fat. I’m overweight and my penis retracts into my pubic fat especially when sitting down.

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Kostas87 in reply to Ipsquint47

I am 1.80 cm height and 100 kg, I believe that I have some but not that much to create this situation

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Ipsquint47 in reply to Kostas87

Internal swelling can cause this too.

I am on my 6 week today and things with size got better, not as it used to be before the operation but it goes definitely that way.

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