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Penis size after circumcision seems reduced

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Hi All, I'm 31, I'm three weeks in after circumcision. 1.It seems like there is a reduction in size of the penis. Is this normal? How long does it take for the penis to get back to its previous size? The gridth seems to have increased but I see a reduction in size. This worries me. 2. For now the glans are still sensitive, I wear a cotton gaurd inside my underwear. How long does it take for the glans to 'keratinize'?

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It happened to me too. About half an inch. It came back though I'd say about 4 months maybe 5. Now all healed I do notice from previous pictures than my girth did increase a little as well.

Thanks for your reply. During erections I notice that the glans swell more than what they used to when I had the foreskin. The thickness of the head of the penis is significant. I can't wait to grow back to the erection size as before. Any idea how long would it take for the head to become less sensitive? I presently make a soft cotton abdominal guard that I wear above the penis so that it doesn't touch the fabric of the underwear. Do you think 6 months is a fair approximate for it to reduce sensitivity?

I'm not sure about that one bud. I had really short forskin to begin with so my head was at least half exposed always. So after cut it was only slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable so I just wore loose boxers.

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HughJass74 in reply to Ire_cali

Was the gain in girth permanent or did it return to the original as before the circumcision ?

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Ire_cali in reply to HughJass74

Permanent. Not drastically but I can tell. I mean the picture I posted from 4 months in and the third to last picture I posted you can kinda tell there too.

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CuriousQ in reply to HughJass74

There's no reason to expect that you would gain girth unless you had phimosis that was restricting your erections.

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Sanju1987 in reply to Ire_cali

Ire. I have completed my 3 months today after circumcision. I noticed that for past 1 month, my erection length had reduced. It is not achieving full length. You said 4-5 months time after which it will return to its previous length?? Will it. ??

Its normal. I had mine done 1 year and 4 months ago. Also felt that the length reduced a bit and girth was also significantly bigger. The sensitivity goes away after about 10 months. I used to wrap in a cotton handkerchief. Rubbed a little vaseline over the scar line first. Worked like a charm. Good luck

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SimpleFellow in reply to Jmansa

Thank you for your reply Jmansa , I continue to make a soft cotton abdominal guard of sorts that I wear inside my underwear, but I am not using vaseline hoping that the glans will keratinaize sooner. I was worried of the length reducing. I hope the erections will stretch the skin for the penis to return to its normal length. As Ire_cali mentioned I hope it gets back to the length it was in the coming months.

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Sanju1987 in reply to Jmansa

I have completed my 3 months today after circumcision. I noticed that for past 1 month, my erection length had reduced. It is not achieving full length. You said 4-5 months time after which it will return to its previous length?? Will it. ?? You said your length was also reduced. Can I ask after how many months later it returned to full previous length??

I had my circumcision in the month of March this year, I had the very same question. People on the forum said it would grow back to the previous length as it heals. In my case it did not. I had measured my erection before the procedure and after. I was dejected all these months. I even researched penis pumps, jelqing, enlargement surgery. I have given up and have finally accepted the way it is.

It's sad that doctors don't tell us these things. all are looking for money. They should atleast forewarn us instead they encourage us to undergo this surgery and suffer this. I'm shattered.

Lost about 1.5 inches on the erection. It's been about 10 months from the procedure and I have not regained the erection size. I'm planning to visit the urologist and clarify my doubts on whether some sort of steroid cream would help stretch the skin and restore the length of the erection.

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Did they remove too much foreskin? If you are really tight when erect then they may have removed too much foreskin causing you’re penis to be held in your pubic area. Circumcision doesn’t remove penis length normally only swelling makes it look smaller. Or when you measured before your circumcision did you measure the foreskin as well?

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SimpleFellow in reply to

My assumption regarding the swelling was the same, but unfortunately that's not the case. I had not measured the erection with the foreskin. They did remove the foreskin but had not warned me about losing out on the length. I have lost about 1.5 inches. I really wish I had taken pics earlier, to show the people on this forum what I mean.

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When erect is your skin really tight?

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SimpleFellow in reply to

It used to be after the procedure but now I don't see the the skin being tight on erection.

Buddy is there any improvement in the size of the penis?? Did you use any ways or medi back to its previous size?? For me 6 months over still the erections aren't hard and long what it used to be..

No improvement.

Let's understand this, during erection your foreskin allow room for your penis to protrude out to it's maximum length, the foreskin stretches from tip to middle pushing the penis forward to it's full length to help this full erection. But, when you had a circumcision, a part of the foreskin is removed which inevitably reduce the ability of the foreskin to push your penis to it's full length and making it feel like your penis is inside your body, it is indeed. After circumcision whatever erection you'll get until you feel tight is your maximum erection. The only way this can be improved is to increase the skin on penis, which MIGHT be possible through sex/masturbation over time, let's say years. And yes, I regret my circumcision, I wish I was informed better by my surgeon.

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SimpleFellow in reply to Jeisung

It's been over a year now, but it has affected me psychologically. My plans of visiting a doctor has been delayed by the covid situation. As a last resort I plan on asking the doctor whether steroid creams can be applied to loosen the remaining skin on the penis.

We have lost many things after circumcision but surgeon never say anything about this only told like it’s just minor surgery and you recover in 1 month .. because surgeon only wants our money ..

It seems to be the normal thing to happen to the blokes here. It never happened to me, no recovery issues, no loss of length or thickness, no loss of sensitivity....nothing. I was 27 when circumcised, which was my choice, as I had no foreskin problems like Phimosis, Paraphimosis...I don't agree with Harsh_Patel, there are other more profitable surgeries than cutting off foreskins. In Australia you would be hard pressed to find any doctor who will do circumcision unless it was absolutely necessary and only after other methods of fixing the problem was tried. I am sorry for his losses whatever they were, but I doubt circumcision or doctors are to blame.

I don't know about keratinization of the glans. I am not sure what it means other that it is drier and not wet looking. Personally I think it a good thing as less microorganisms can penetrate a dry surface. I have not seen a lot of other penises, and I don't remember anyway. I have 5 brothers and seen them naked but I can't tell you anything about their bodies, I basically looked at their eyes and face. Men are not particularly photogenic and that goes double for their equipment. From photographs available on the net, I would say, the glans of uncircumcised men look rather greasy, and those of circumcised men look normal. I found the greasy look to be disgusting.

I had no sensitivity issues before or after and I often go commando.

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