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Abit of advice for ESA

I recently said I applied for esa and I got a letter saying my payment will start on the 10th of June so long as I got my sick note. Well I got my sick note and my doctor ticked the box "maybe fit for work" but said at the bottom six months starting from the 28th of june about something else (forgot now)

My question is I don't mind how long I get it for if its six months which is what iam assuming im just worried because he said I maybe fit for work would this affect the claim even though I have received a letter saying I was successful so long as I provide a medical certificate.

Maybe fit for work ehhh these doctors know jack all I had a job in forever 21 the retail store full time was taking time out sometimes due to pain I got the SACK fit for work ok then..........

Thanks for reading


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I would ask for the sick note to be rectified before sending it off as could cause issues.


I already sent it the day I got it what u mean by rectified by the way and what sort of problems



With Lupus being an "ongoing illness your doctor's sick note and his comments may be misleading, it doesn't explain that when you have a flare or at times when your symptoms are worse you will be unable to work. They need to know that this period of sick leave may not just be a "one off " Good luck.Unfortunately the people reading the sick note may not understand the illness.


my doctor told me to photocopy my sick notes before sending them to DWP so that they can't say that they didn't receive them which happened to me. I am still sending in my sick notes since march as they keep telling me that they won't pay me unless i have one. Take care.



I applied for ESA 1st September last year. I have been turned down and I am waiting for my appointment with a panel to decide my fate. I have been sending in sick notes since September . I don't understand if they have said yes to you claiming ESA why do you have to keep sending in sick notes? Keep well x


I think u have to keep sending sick notes in case you get better, unless you are granted 'indefinite' ESA- which is what happened to me when it went to tribunal. S x


I had my contract terminated at the end of March this year through ill-health and inability to do my job. I sent claim form in and received answer saying I have been given contribution based esa for the maximum 12 months.....

HOWEVER for it to continue I have to have the dreaded assessment, and I then received a questionnaire to fill in from Athos....did that and sent it off.

In the mean time I still have to send sick notes in... there's a 13 week assessment period.

A few weeks ago I had a phone call telling me I had an athos assessment...that they would confirm it in writing......I'm still waiting..

Despite occy health saying I'm unable to work, I've still got to go to the assessment.

I'm not expecting anything good to come out of it from what people have said...

GP is thoroughly disgusted with it all.

Stress levels and symptoms have been off the scale, but I'm really trying to pull myself together for me....I refuse to let some beaurocratic c!!p take my health from me....

Well that's in theory....I still dissolve into tears when I think about losing my job!!!!

Hugs and good luck to all



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