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ANA Test

Just got off the phone to my GP my blood test were abnormal, and the doctor has accepted my telephone request for the ANA test, form awaiting me at the local hospital! I have an appointment then to see GP on 24th April. I'm hoping this is going to result in a referral to a specialist, not bad considering I've been suffering in silence for 12 years! Finally things may start to improve......we can but hope. It will all be alright in the end, if its not alright it's not the end! Xxx

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I can't believe you suffered. In silence for so long! Hopefully you'll now get somewhere!


What is an ANA test and what is it for.


anti nuclear antibodys @ ahavasata


Fingers crossed u're ANA result give them reason 2 investigate further :)


Thank you muchly for for the comments, not completely sure I understand the ANA test fully myself, just been advised to ask for it ASAP, be grateful of any further knowledge or what to expect next? Or even request to happen next as i did with the ANA ?

Thanks such priceless help as usual x


My ANA test was negative, but my GP stated that it did not necessarily mean I didn't have lupus.

I was not prepared to go on having blood tests for this for possibly 20 years like I have known others to have done before getting a positive result.

From our local lupus magazine, it states ' There is no single laboratory test that can determine whether a person has lupus.

Diagnosing lupus involves analysing the results of several lab tests, a review of the person's entire medical history - and the history of close family members.'

When I look back at my health history - I could see that there have been indicators of immune problems, which seemed to keep changing and for which medication didn't work including 3 miscarriages including one set of twins.

Whether it is lupus or something else no one seems to be able to get to the bottom of the problem, but there is certainly a problem - I know that much.


Hello Cann, sorry to hear of your personal losses due to Lupus,I hope you have managed to access some reliable help in dealing with such sadness, never easy and I can only imagine made a million time worse by your illness.

I have just had my ANA test today, I shall see my own GP afterwards to discuss our next move,so far so good he seems to know his stuff, though I know this could all change at any appointment at any time without warning ;-)

Good luck to you & yours x


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