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Private ANA test for kids?

My 4yr old is being tested for lupus.

His symptoms are:- pinkish coloured urine which has shown up not to be blood. It's now gone, but sample has been sent off for further testing.

We have an aunt who passed away who had lupus and unfortunately several members of the family who have autoimmune diseases (hypothyroid, giant cell artyritis, psoriasis).

It's his birthday next week 😢 and I've been told I have to wait up to two weeks for the test results to come back. Losing my mind!

Is there anywhere that I could get a private ANA test for him and have it rushed back?

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dependng on where you are you can go private in uk at any of the private hospitals , and there is a lupus clinic in london .

this might sound obvious but has he had any sort of yogurt that might have been coloured with beetroot or eaten beetroot .as find that when i eat either my urine is pink .some organic yogurts are coloured with beetroot as its not a chemical colouring possible some drinks or smoothies as well . so check that out . im not discounting the lupus just making you aware of coloured urine . but possibly doctor has asked and ruled that out?


He has sleep apnea and a chesty cough that doesn't produce phlegm at night time.

Also been booked in for a kidney scan.

He's very anti-red/purple foods and doesn't drink juices and hasn't had any coloured yogurts.


ok helena just thought i would mention these .my grandson once passed a poo that was a nice shade of duck egg blue he had been sucking a felt tip pen

was glad it was not a red one or we would have been down to hospital asap .hope you get the wee one diagnosed asap its so worrying for you kind regards pgp


Hi Helena877,

Has your son had any other symptoms of concern apart from the discoloured urine? Has he just had the urine sample sent for further testing or has he had any blood taken yet?

To get private blood tests you would need to find a consultant who will see infants. Unfortunately I do not know any lupus specialists who see children privately, only on the NHS.


Thanks. Only symptoms that I mentioned above.

So it won't be possible for me to visit one of the private blood test clinics with him. I thought this might be the case :-(


You may be able to take him to a private paediatric hospital, but I cannot say whether they will have experience with or expert knowledge of lupus.


I had my blood tests back from the hospital and thankfully he's all okay.

Apparently the hospital carried all tests out that they would have done had there been blood in his urine.


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