Hello everybody,

I recently got an ANA test done and the test was negative, but the highlighted part in the picture I posted doesn't make sense to me. I tried asking my gp, but he didn't explain it and just basically looked over it. I tried looking it up, but what I read doesn't makes sense to me either. Has anyone else gotten this kind of interpretation for their ANA test? If so, did your doctor explain it to you or can you explain it to me? Please and thank you!


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  • I take it to be an explanation of further tests that the lab is able to carry out rather than an explanation of results.

  • The hep 2 part I believe is the part of the test that they do, they do a ANA test by using the serum and scrapping it onto a plate of hep 2 cells. Then they see if it glows. and can determine the results from that. x

  • Hi, I hope this helps, as this is as I understand things.

    Many of us get negative ANA results for many years but other parts of the tests show differing things, this is why they cannot be taken in insolation or without the symptoms as well.

    Now the technical bit; ELISA is Enzyme – linked immunosorbent assay.

    Its used in labs to detect ANA and other immune responses. It can be used to detect antibobies to individual antigens.

    Immunofluorescents have been used to detect antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in human serum.

    The Hep2 is a protein with hundreds of antigens, it is used to detect ANA. Its the quality of the cells that gives a good result.

    So maybe some of your results are showing positive for unidentified antigens through immunofluorescents and through HEp2 cells protein antigens.

    So if the doctor wants a further ELISA screening done he is to ask for it.

  • Thank you! You explaining it this way helps me to understand it better.

  • I'm not a specialist... but to me the highlighted part looks like a disclaimer. Something like "ANA is negative with this type of analysis we used, but could be positive using another method for detecting antibodies"

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