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DHEA dihydroepiandrosterone

hello everyone, had a great appointment with my lovely Rhumy yesterday.

Although I am going through a rough patch with my Lupus I still would like to keep off the Steroids if I can. My Rhumy has suggested the above to help treat the lupus along side the Plaquinel and gabapentin etc I am taking.

Has anyone else tried this hormone and has it worked, like reducing some of the flares. ?

I would love to read your experiences. Having a bad week with a flare and trying to lamb as well in the snow, not easy.

Keep warm and well everyone.


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Hi LoopyLu

I have come across this as a treatment for ME in the past, but never in Lupus. I've just had a quick look at the info on wikipedia & it sounds like another from of steroid, so it seems to make sense. It will be interesting to hear other people's responses, & how you get on with it.

I feel for you, & the poor lambs, in the all this snow. All the best. X


Thanks Roobarb,

Still looking at all the info before I try, interesting that it is used for ME. I have read that it helps with fatigue and joint pain - yippee! I don't want to take it and find I have other problems.

Two ewes so far with twins today, any name choices! Oh, one set boys and the other boy and girl.

Keep warm everyone



How about Tommy & Tilly for the boy & girl, & Wallace & Gromit for the 2 boys?


Amazing hormone is DHEA.......ive been doing soooo much research on hormones,i have low levels of DHEa and would rather take that than prednisone ,if you can find an endocrinologist they could give you the correct dose ,i believe as woman we need tiny amounts compared to men,i was advised to start on 15mg but that was in australia ,i would be happy taking 5mg and really working on balancing all hormones to assist.If you read up on adrenal fatigue you will read that adrenals are responsible for all hormones ,if we can heal the adrenals all the others will fall into place ,keep me posted on your progress,very interseting ,brave;)


Thanks brave

I will try to find an endocrinologist and see what they say. I dont like the idea of taking steriods yet.....

Take care and keep warm..



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