Knee and ankle pain. Is it lupus or fibromyalgia?

Hi, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sjrogrens a number of years before lupus came calling. Fibromyalgia is very painful but my knees and feet are a lot more painful now I have lupus. I can't tell whether it's lupus or fibromyalgia as I was told by Rhumy that Lupus was only painful when flairing. Can any one please help as I hate going to the docs



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6 Replies

  • Hi, I have had Lupus for 20 years now and I live with pain and stiffness every day, flare up or no flare up. How would your rheumy know if they don't have it?

  • Thank you for your common sense reply. You are right they don't know everything. Xx

  • Wouldn't that be great, to have symptoms only when flaring. Unfortunately even outside flares there are symptoms present, although in principle the aim is to reduce those as much as possible with the right medication. Have you been put on lupus specific drugs or has your rheumatologist left you on the sjogrens ones?

  • Hi purpuletop, I'm now only taking hydroxy as weaned myself off steroids. Think I'll give in on Monday and talk to the doc. Sorry for late reply, have been having problems with the site.

  • Hi , that's a tricky one , fibromyalgia pain tends to be mainly muscular in origin whereas lupus can effect the connective tissue between the joints, from your brief description it sounds like lupus maybe the culprit here,

    of course lupus is always the easy answer , a blood test might reveal elevated inflammatory markers that would make diagnosis easier. As for lupus only hurting during a flare I think most sufferers would agree that's wishful thinking , as purpletop says symptoms are nearly always present , hope you get the help you need.

  • Hi Adamventure, thank you for info. I will speak to the doc on Monday. Sorry for late reply - having probe with site. X

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