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I need some information about the nose and mouth ulcers. I have had the occasional sore in my mouth but did not think of as mouth ulcer that would be concerning. Today my nostril felt sore so had a look. There appears to be what looks like a broken blister (1/4 inch wide) and around it a couple of smaller blisters that are just bubbles for now. Is this the dreaded nose sores or just a silly thing that will be gone tomorrow? Appreciate any answers, thank you!

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Hi Chapter

I get a variety of nose & mouth sores with my lupus. They can be large blisters on my palate, small sores inside my lips, &/or sores inside my nose which sometimes bleed when my sjogrens flares.

They are usually associated with a lupus flare for me, & definitely worse when it's sunny. Fortunately they come & go quite quickly. If yours are persistent, get in touch with your GP or rhuemy advice line if you have one.

Take care. X


I constantly have a soar mouth normally mt tongue feels as if it full of ulcers and just feels funny all the time. The gp says its gingeritis and I take vitamin c tablets when it really bad. I just try to live with it x good luck


Nose sores and mouth ulcers are a part of lupus i use naseptin for the nose (prescribed) and oraldene for the mouth uclers can buy it these help really well.


Thank you everyone for your answers. I am trying to convince myself that the sores are something else. They start looking kind of like a water blister then break leaving open sore. Not painful. Could be something else, maybe?


My ulcers (nose, mouth, vagina) are swollen little ridges that burn and sometimes bleed. I put Aloe Vera Gel up 'de 'dose (etc) on going to bed =better in the morning. Ulcers tend to come and go and worse on lupie days. xxx :)


Thank you Nightjar.


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