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Severe Vasculities rashes on lower body, who else is affected by this on lower body?

Mostly are butterfly and upper body...but curious if anyone has it like me...

Also have you tried any concealer cream that works on the legs as the face ones dont work on legs....

i have fair skin

would like to wear a dress but unable to find a good cover for my scarring / dark pigmentation caused by severe flares...

Thanks in advance x

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Hi, there. I also have it at the top but it has started spreading to the thighs. It is reall sore and itchy. I haven't tried any concealer on it though. I hope you get better soon. I am struggling with it and have to cover my body so people won't notice the rash. Take are and God less.


I have red spots on my face seem to be joining together to form lines could this be vasculitus also get numb sensations and on lips x


I use dermablend an American product but they don't ship to UK . There is a European version call Vichy Dermablend but I have never used this brand. The product is cheaper from Amazon. You can also look it up on YouTube. Hope this helps.


I have the red rash on my face, legs and occasionally my arms and chest. My ankles and toes can also go very dark bordering on black at times. This is usually before or when I am having a flare. I just keep the skin moisturised with Doublebase Cream that I get on prescription from my GP. It seems to do the trick, it comes in a big pump bottle and lasts for ages. As I already take steroids I do not really want to use steroid creams as well.

Doublebase Cream is also available on Amazon.


thanks so much, I have tried dermablend and all other well know does not give enough cover, i will check the doublebase cream...i am not familiar...alot of products i would like to try are way way too expensive and require training with a spray gun or something...

I appreciate your feedback and support.

Keep well x


Go to for suggestions of the most appropriate concealer creams, here's the link to the creams


I have flares of vasculitus on my feet and palms of my hands. Rashes were confirmed by dermatologist and hydroxy and prednisolone prescribed


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