Does anyone else keep tripping over? Beginning to think something is going on !

Fell over again yesterday morning for the third time in as many months. On every occasion it has happened when I am standing still and go to move either left or right. My feet don't seem to follow and each time I am crashing to the floor injuring myself. I have only just got over the last one, in fact my Dr says my arm looks weird with still a lot of swelling. Have gone for X-ray, heard nothing so presume ok. Yesterday I fell and bashed my head on the doorframe as I fell. With all meds and thyroid I am a slow healer. My bones are not that strong so I am bruising easily and fed up with it all. My family are concerned but trying to make light of it, they have witnessed it happening and can't make out why it happened. When my daughter rang and I said i had fell again, she seemed concerned and upset. I am only 52 and feel like an at risk elderly oap. Do you think there is some neuro stuff going on or am I just clumsy.

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  • Hi I was in Debenhams csfr yesterday got up to leave and I think walked into and bumbed into about 10 people and things. Very embarrassing considering I just had a jacket potatoe and juice.

    It on and off I think I have given up trying to work out what symptoms I have for lupus, as every day is different.

    Take care. Xxx

  • I would ask for neurological referral to check for either MS or lupus affecting nervous system. Did your GP carry out all the basic neurological tests? X

  • No, just sympathised and said " not again ". When I was at st Thomas's 2 years ago, I said that when I get up in the morning or have sat with my legs raised, I feel like I am walking on 'marbles'. The rheumy said to investigate for peripheral nerves. Unfortunately he has moved on, I no longer go to st Thomas's, and local rheumy says no need for tests.

  • It sounds to me like lupus might be affecting your nervous system. Its not good that you keep falling over, you could seriously hurt your self. Ask your rheumy to refer you to St Thomas'. I asked for a referral to St Thomas' and my rheumy sent me for a second opinion. Lupus affects my cognition, I get very accident prone and clumsy. I also suffer with dizziness, which comes and goes. Sometimes when I am out I cannot walk straight I keep veering towards the left and have to keep straightening myself up. I have had a brain scan, but nothing has showed up. Lupus has always affected my nervous system so I think that is what is causing the problem. The thing is lupus is a sneaky little bugger it causes havoc in our bodies and lives but the test don't always reflect how a lupus patient is really feeling.

  • me too! I always miss judge things; I walk into door frames a lot leaving bruising always on my left arm. I literally have to make the conscious effort to walk properly; I mean its as if my body can no longer do it on auto pilot I too get drawn to steering to the left. im currently waiting to see my rhuemmy after a 11mth wait (due to hospital apt cancellations) as this year has been my worst. I totally agree with field that tests don't show what we are feeling

  • Thanks to all for replies. Glad it's not just me. A rheumy from st Thomas's is now at my local hospital which is why I'm not going to London now. I have seen her only once. She is a brill Dr, but when I saw her she had students in with her and I felt she spoke to them more than me. I am seeing her at the end of jan, I hope she gives me more attention this time as you all say, I could seriously do some damage next time. Think for Xmas I am getting a crash helmet !!! Merry Xmas to you all x

  • I only just saw the other comments I also veer to the left what is the doctors name from st Thomas are you seeing?

  • It happens to me too I trip over anything. If I stand on anything even a pen or wore my ankle twists. I also misjudge spaces too so often walk into door frames etc

  • Hi Lesley, it is Rachel Davies. She actually diagnosed me in 2005.i only saw her twice, I kept being put with her registrars or even other consultants. Never any continuity. The last time I went I saw a nurse. No offence but I don't pay £65 to travel once a year to see a nurse. St Thomas's wrote to me telling me that Dr Davies was working at Colchester and it would make sense to see her there. When we met in sept, I did smile to myself as she announced to her students that I was a longstanding patient of hers. But I could see she did not remember me by face at all. But despite my mocking, it was nice to talk to an expert. Next time I hope she has more 'face time " with me, than her students.

  • I see someone called sangita. The only nurse I've seen is Laura over at guys.

  • My last 3 visits to st t's were all a disappointment . The last one called herself a nurse but was not dressed like one. The previous Dr I saw, Dr sanyal had said to have tests for peripheral nerve damage. The nurse said he had moved on and no notes about it. I have seen a Dr khamashta, Dr sanni, and god knows who else. Dr Davies was part of prof Graeme Hughes team.

  • Mines is something like dr anawal I saw Laura for the methotrexate she doesn't dress like a nurse

  • If she was oriental looking then prob the same one. Silly of me to expect uniform as I know some don't. Weird how you are all veering to the left though. Don't think I'm doing that yet !!! It's just my feet don't seem to realise we're on the move. Slow to catch up. When I think about it, my hands are similar. Keep dropping things. Must be a signal failure somewhere I think. Anyway thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

  • No she's English. It wasn't until I saw the other comments that I put them together. It's funny but it's one of the first things I noticed along with my memory

  • Yes my memory too. I have many arguments at home where a family member says I said or they said something, and I am in complete denial. Perhaps I should let them be the judge of how straight my walking is !!! Nobody has shared the 'walking on marbles' feeling. It is so painful especially first thing. I have to come downstairs on my bum else I would fall. It wears off quite quickly, and it was this I told Dr sanyal and he said peripheral nerves. Surely I'm not the only one to have it. Oh well, hang on til end of Jan and hope Dr Davies takes notice. she has brought all my paperwork from St t's so i will ask her to read up on other docs notes.

  • No I havnt heard that from anyone before. I'm not in denial anymore lol and don't get many probs if anything gets said I just say you know what I'm like. The memory and walking to the left were my first signs along with thyroid and seeing the comments about the going to the left has been an eye opener for me as the all started together and I can pinpoint when it all started

  • You don't mention what you've been diagnosed with. Here's an article about walking on marbles and rheumatoid arthritis but neuroma might also cause that feelin. A proper rheumatologist should be able to recognise it and diagnose it.

  • Thanks will look when I get a mo. Lupus diagnosed 2005. Also all the secondary stuff, vasculitus , sjorgrens, sticky blood!, raynauds, now lung and liver involvement, more but most troublesome probs now. I do keep being tested for RA, and often I am told I do have both. Thanks again.

  • You poor thing, a never ending list of issues then, let's hope they'll give you some breathing space this Xmas.

  • Just looked at website !!!!! Can't believe it even says ' marbles'. Bit scary as I thought this was just my description, but to know others say the same is literally " kerchiiing" as Keith lemon would say . Seriously though I am so grateful especially as this year I had bone scan with dye. It said I have inflammatory arthritis damage to my feet hands knees and two broken ribs that will not heal now. I will show rheumy this item at next appt. only pleased about recognition, dont want the diagnosis !

  • Hi 6161, I don't have Lupus but do take an interesting cocktail of drugs!

    Some years ago, my GP put me on statins, which I took for 2 or 3 years until I had to stop them. It was only after I stopped taking them, that I realised that they had been causing me to fall over amongst other things.

    I was recently started on Adcal -D3 because of the drugs I am on. Again, I can't put a finger on it but I have stopped taking that too - and I think I was only put on them following a visit from a drug company rep!

    I use to check all the drugs that I take and to check any interactions. The GPs seem to rely on a computer program to alert them to any potential conflict.

    [I have Bullous Pemphigoid and Cicatricial Pemphigoid]

    Good Luck 6161!

  • Hi mrs mop, I'm sorry I don't know of your condition but, I do take statins. Most lupus patients have to whether high cholesterol or not. That's what I was told and my count was always low. Am getting a 2014 diary specifically to record my probs and your info along with purple tops is going in it .

  • Hi again 6161, I have recently resurrected my Filofax!!

    This is what I have and the Cicatricial pemphigoid involves mucous membranes, in my case, my mouth, with occasional eye involvement and also 'skin' [which means my face/head]

    I shall do a little research into Statins etc., I know that a little while ago, there were a lot of articles telling us that statins aren't the wonder drug that we were led to believe. My cholesterol levels have increased again since I came off the statins but, not by a huge amount and in fact, since I have been living on unadulterated porridge, things have improved greatly.

    I don't know a huge amount about Lupus, I learn most that I know,from everyone on here.

  • Interesting as statins can cause joint pain too. I think Drs have to sit on the fence when prescribing. They have to weigh up the balance between side effects or letting diseases run amok. Deciding which is more harmful is an unenviable task. Thanks again.

  • When I mentioned the Adcal to my [female] GP the other day, she said a lot of people had said the same and she suggested stopping it for 4 weeks, then trying again for 4 weeks, to see if anything stood out. The same could apply to statins. I can't remember how long it was before I realised I was no longer falling over etc.. I only mention that I saw a female doctor because, apparently, male doctors are less cautious than female doctors.

    Google Dr Briffa and statins together. He has reported a lot about them.

  • Will do thanks. All options are worth looking at. Hope you keep well over the festive season.

  • Thank you and hope you do too!

  • Hi - I've just joined from the Thyroid site (on behalf of my niece with lupus, I also see other autoimmune posts).

    I hope you don't mind my noticing that 'tripping over' and loss of dexterity could also be low B12, perhaps worth eliminating anyway. Best wishes, Jane :D

  • Thanks for tip. I had my thyroid removed due to lupus, also the lupus attacks my blood depleting it of iron. Only just finished 4 weeks on an iron drip again. B12 falls under that umbrella with pernicious anaemia I think I should book double appt. I am definitely going to get to the bottom of it. Thanks for taking time out to reply.

  • apologies - grannies sucking eggs comes to mind! I did wonder about connections, as my niece seems to have similar symptoms - but what do I know!

    Irons often low with low Thyroid due to slow or non-absorption - anyway I found a very old video of B12 deficiency 1930s I think, just for info - wish docs would take note after 90 years? J xx


  • A referral to a neurologist would be useful, your GP can get you one. The neurologist can examine you and refer for Nerve conduction tests, I think it is called EMG? Depending on what is going on a MRI may also be useful, the neurologist can arrange these if necessary. They may also be able to refer you to a specialist physio.

    I find a stick is helpful for balance purposes as well as the right footwear. I need to take extra care on paving stones and uneven ground as I easily trip on them.

  • Thank you herb for advise. I am seeing rheumy on 23rd Jan and this will be top of my list. I do use a stick for balance and support as I don't seem to pick my feet up properly. I also wear ankle boots with straps for support which does help. Glamorous life isn't it !!! Am taking notes of everyone's theories and will def discuss. Happy new year .

  • Very Glam :) - I too have had several nerve conduction tests (for nerve entrapment)- they're the little pad sort with 'small' electric currents to measure if the speed is 'normal', you get a printout, however the EMG is usually unnecessary (a needle with current into thumb muscle etc REALLY hurts - even if they are numb to touch!).

    MRI doesn't really show nerves, had mine for arteries then neck bones. A doppler test is just as good in that respect really.

    So as mine turned out to be all-over body pain I looked at zapping any deficiencies first, in case, we tend to look anywhere for pain relief! (plus avoided bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel surgery after finding low Vit D - life is SO much better without pain, numb arms without pulse I can handle!).

    Wishing you all a happy and healthier New Year, Jane xxx

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