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flu jab?

hello everyone,

i recently wrote on here as ive been feeling poorly due to a cold virus, finally got to see a gp today and ive a chest infection. ive been given antibiotics and to have an chest xray.

i was wondering whether i should have the flu jab? are we loopies ok to have it? are there side effects? when do i have it done?

sorry to bombard with questions but i dont want to feel like this again especially as im still in flare.

thankyou x

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I have no problem with flu Jab,my 1st i had a bad reaction but not as bad if i had flu.

We all react different but for me FLU Jab every time.



Just goes to show how different we all are. I don't believe there's a truly definitive answer. One and only time I ever had the flu vaccine, it put me in hospital for a fortnight and I spent around 6 months recovering. Never again!


I have my flu gab every year have never had any problems.


I have my flu jab every year but this year for some reason I had a very bad flu it started day after my jab could have been comming down with it the day I got the jab. It hasn't put me off getting it except I'll get it earlier next year.


I think everyone will have a different reaction as you can see. I had the jab once as I had enough of the flares but a couple days later I had the flu which kept reoccurring more frequently after that. I have never had another jab since.


have the jab everyyear as i think flu would be worse


had mine for the first time this year. no side effects at all.


I had mine this year for the first time and hd no side effects, apart from fainting when I had it, buts thats cause I am vasivagel ... always makes for an interesting trip to the doc .....


This is something that we all have to decide for ourselves, I think.

As I have immune system problems - an over reaction most of the time, I do not have the flu jab as I read it can cause an abnormal immune response in some people.

When we are subjected to flu germs in the air, our immune system should respond by attacking the virus as it enters the nose or mouth. Whereas if viruses, even if dead, are injected directly into our blood stream this can confuse the body, I believe and cause an abnormal immune response in people like me.

I read this from a respected doctor, too.

It is what else is in the flu jab that worries me, too - mercury possibly? I wouldn't want that in my system either.

However, as I said, we all have to decide what is right for us and do our research before deciding.


I had the flu jab and had no side effects, but wish there was one for getting a cold though!!!!

Ive had like 2 colds during the winter each lasting ages :(

but you do what you can


I catch coulds and infections very easily. They last for long periods and often cause flares of lupus. On the one occasion I had the flue jab it made me very ill, so I have never had it again.


well my story is had 1 flu jab was fine.

my injection last year.... boy was I ill, I've had 5 colds and 4 viruses since having the injection in a 6 month period.


I had the flu jab for the first time, I had a cold after it but thats probably coincidental, I seem to permantaly have one!


thankyou to everybody for taking the time to answer my question,still unsure what to do! lol.

take care everyone! x


just started another cold yesterday now on my 6th. think flu jab was worse this year, cause they put that new virus in it that was going round.


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