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Hello all,

Hope all is well? When I last went for my lung function test I was told by the doctor that I should consider having the flu jab. I am looking into it and was hoping to get some advice from others who may have had it or were thinking about it this year. I don't want to get it if it will make me feel worst or cause me to flare but as I was ill last year I don't really want to go through that again.

I also read that it is best to not get a live vaccine.

Any suggestions most welcome!

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  • Hi

    I have had the flu jab every year and I've just been sent a email from my doctor to have one done.

    But like you I'm unsure as I thought with lupus you couldn't have a live vaccination

  • Thanks Ajanjua,

    I just remember being ill last Christmas and not being to do anything at all. It was horrible. Maybe I might give it a shot and see how I do.


  • Unless I hear anything else I'm going to have it done. I recently had a cold and it developed into pneumonia, it took nearly 8 weeks to get over it.

    So I dread to think how bad a flu might get.

    If you have it done wishing you all the best


  • That's a really long time. Better to be safe than sorry I guess.

  • I've had a flu jab over the years and only ended up with a sore arm for a day or two. I hope I'm not tempting fate by saying I haven't had flu in a long time, chest infections but nothing worse. I will get my again this year.

    As far as I'm aware the vaccine isn't live.

  • That's good to hear Chris. When I was ill last Christmas I couldn't work out if it was flu combined with a flare up. Horrible. So hopefully I'll be okay this time. Hope it goes well for you this time round!

  • Hi Chris 21, check with your Practice Nurse. She will advise whether live or not. Babs

  • I have a flu jab every year, was recommended to get one by my rhymy Dr Sam. Also had pneumonia jab last year as recommended. X

  • It seems like a good idea KarenC especially with a low immune system. Worth a try at least. I didn't know you could get pneumonia jabs too.

  • Pneumonia jabs are a one off injection, I had to have mine before I started on methotrexate. X

  • Oh I see. Do you feel like it's been useful?

  • Hi Karen, check with your practice nurse. I'm pretty sure Pneumovax should be every 5 years. Could be wrong. Babs x

  • Thank you will do, I could be wrong lupus fogs constantly lol xx

  • Oh yes, was prone to really bad chest and sinus infections, haven't had one since. Fingers crossed be the same this year xx

  • That's good. I hope it is a clear one this year for you. :) Thanks xx

  • I have had the flu vaccine for the past four years and had no problems. It isn't a live vaccine so you should be fine.

  • Greta news. Thanks GloomyEeyore. I'm going to give it a shot. Pardon the pun. :)

  • Hi

    Well just had my flu jab done so lets see what happens, if you don't see a post from me in the next couple of weeks its because I'm havivg a really bad flare up.


  • Good luck. Hope you are well and nothing happens!


  • I generally flare after vaccinations. It tends to kick in within 3 hours of the jab be it flu, tetanus or whatever. Although I dread the consequences of the jab, the consequences of pneumonia etc are obviously worse so it seems the lesser of the evils. I always have spare prednisolone to help me over the worst.

    Definitely no live vaccines. xx

  • Oh that really quick. Every time? Yes, I think I will have the jab and hope for the best. The things we have to go through. :(


  • hello, I have SLE and a collection of other things , I have had pneumonia 3 times, but was advised to have a flu jab as it isn't a live vaccine. I was dubious but since having one for the last 4 years , I haven't even had a cold (touch wood). It might help you also, good luck

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