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Has anyone gone back to work after claiming ESA?

I have been on long term sick leave from my job of 20 years and I was put in the support group esa. After 9 months or so my employer was putting pressure on me to return, so I did as I really did wanted to return and didnt want to loose my job, even though I was constantly exhausted i enjoyed it. But after I was back only a few weeks I went into a flare total disaster. Im off now 4 months & getting ssp from my employer until Jan then I will be able to claim esa again hopefully. Has anyone here came off esa & were successful getting it again? I feel so mad at myself for breaking my claim.

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Hi not yet but I feel this will soon be the position I'll also be in. My sick note runs out on the 21st and my health assessment is due on the 23rd. I had a meeting the other day and my manager said in not so many words that I they may have to let me go if I am unable to return soon. So I said I'd be back on the 21st, since then all I've done is worry as I really don't feel fit and able to return and feel like I've been an a flare since I feel so anxious about it all but hearing how so many who seem to be suffering more than I don't get granted esa after the meetings I'm worried I'd end up without a job and no money being forced to look for something new. I just don't know what to do? Sorry not much advice here at all but I do feel your confusion on what to do next :(


Hi Sami thats exatly how I feel. I really wanted to give my job another go but I didnt realise that if I stopped esa getting back on might be very difficult I thought with all our problems we were automatically eligible to claim I was so stupid. Now Im off again Im trying to stay off as long as possible so I can claim esa again because Im genuinely not ready to return yet. But work will probably not wait that long esa claim isnt due until Jan. So I could be left with no job, no esa. Its so worrying and Im meant to be resting. Why is things so hard for people with chronic illness. I have great difficulty accepting my illness and claiming benefits I always worked and didnt want to give in to lupus in a way. Just wish i had sought some advice before I broke esa to return to work 😞


There are many of us on here going through the nightmare of having our esa stopped and being told we are fit for work despite previously being told we were unfit for work and being placed in the support group. It doesn't matter how sick you are they lie at these assessments because the government are trying to get everyone off esa and they are certainly targeting people in the support group. I don't envy you trying to claim esa its a nightmare to get points you would have to be completely bedridden. Many on here like me with severe SLE involving organ damage and on steroids and immunosuppressant drugs plus other illness's on top have been given zero points at assessments and told they are fit for work. Look at my posts about this and the replies from others going through this . Get help from welfare rights at your assessment and with filling the ridiculous forms in if you can .


Seriously I didnt know that. I thought once you were in support group that was indefinately? Sorry to hear your are going through this, i also have severe sle & organ involvement. Benefits is just a total nightmare.


Don't be mad with yourself,

The desire of everyone with a chronic illness such as lupus is to work and have a fulfilling work life. unfortunately having lupus is a big barrier to this, however we all live in hope. like you this is what happenes to me, exhaustion cause flares of lupus for me and it doesn't take a lot to get me exhausted.

I hope you can get your esa again, although it is more of a battle for most of us now, u must try.

good luck.


Thanks field. I was off sick so many times for long periods From work & they invited me back it felt good to be asked to return,in a way i think i was just trying to get away from the 'sick person' & just be like everyone else. I was fed up at home & missed the social side of work, not having time to focus on all my medical problems. Even after my diagnosis i continued to work as I felt like 'me' going to work in the morning even though I was in so much pain & fatigue. But it wasnt the right decision to run back to work I just made things even more difficult for myself 😞


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