I really need advice on ESA and partner working 16 hours please. She has been told that she has to attend work based interview but she works

I was placed into the ESA support group Last November. My partner has just moved in with me last month. She works 16 hours a week (she dropped from a full time position) to look after me. I have had to re apply for my ESA because of change in our income (ESA is income based). I have been awarded £4.40 a fortnight from £250 so it's a huge loss when partner is only earning £90 per week. Today she received a letter from job centre and has to attend a work based interview next week to help her find a job. We were very confused and rang job centre to find out why she needs to go when she already works. They said because she is only working 16 hours and it's to help her find full time work. We could hit our head against the wall as she has just dropped hours down. I don't know how I'd cope having her work full time again. Can anyone offer advice please as to what we can do and say at the work based interview. I am worried sick :-( thanks guys x

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  • go on lupus uk website they have an abundance of info on benefits, you did say if u get dla/pip?

  • £4.40 a fortnight!!!! How bizarre.

  • As kittykat mentioned could be wise to apply for PIP as it doesn't effect any benefits.

  • Hi Vicci

    Oh the joys of the benefits system, I don't know how they come up with these weird decisions!

    Have you applied for ESA with the help of the Citizen's Advice Bureau? if you have or haven't I strongly advise you seek their help now as regards your partner having to deal with the Job centre. They'll be able to tell you what to do. You may be able to claim Carers Allowance as you need her help which would help with your shortfall and again they'll be able to advise and help you claim. Also may suggest you claim DLA/Pip if you don't already and those forms need to be done in a certain way for maximum success chances! Good luck, hope you get it all sorted.X

  • Hi everyone thank you for your replies. Good idea Misty14,I will get in touch with Citizens Advice about my partners work related interview, it just seems crazy to me. A waste of time and money on their part.

    KityKat68 and Charms81 i thought it would be worth a try and I have just sent off a PIP application but just completed it myself, fingers crossed I have done it right Misty14. I got a letter from the delightful ATOS today telling me I will have to wait between 12 and 16 weeks at least for an interview. It's a long road and I think my partner can apply for carers if I am awarded PIP, is that right? I struggle to understand all the rules with this brain fog lol x

  • Hi Vicci

    You need to ask Citizens Advice about whether you can claim Carers Allowance . I 'm not sure if you have to be in receipt of Pip first. Shame you've filled in PIP form yourself, fingers crossed for it but you'll have a long wait for their decision!. If your not happy when it comes Citizens Advice will be able to advise what to do.X

  • Be very carful this happened to a friend her husband claims DLA and is in the support group she was not working so they called her in to the job centre her husband had to sign a form so they could discuss his benefits. When she got to the job centre they tried to get her to take a job so they could take her husband off benefits so she went home filled in a form for care allowance she got it and now they can't touch them, I do believe its a case of what you know

  • Sounds like your friends had their heads screwed on. My partner works 16 hours already and we can't claim carers as I don't receive DLA or PIP so we are a bit stuck. They also sent me the same form for me too sign. It's a mine field and such a worry x

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