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New member could really use your help

Hi All

I'm a new member who is very confused and in need of some help if possible

I was signed off sick in 2015 with Anxiety & Depression with the cause given as PTSD

I claimed esa for approx 6 mths then attended the medical which found me "fit to work" so the esa stopped and i was placed on jsa

Although my GP, PTSD therapist and my mental health advisor/support worker all disagreed i am ashamed to say i didn't dispute the ruling ( too stressful and i thought i was being treated like a liar) and have for the past 8 mths have been struggling to find work/ attend support grps & interviews whilst trying to at least manage my condition.

Whilst i have made some improvement the anxiety / panic attacks associated with the PTSD are still very much the main factor of my day to day life and still affect whatever i do

I am having several attacks daily and am starting to feel unwell again

Can i go back on esa as my gp wants to sign me off again with exactly the same condition?

Thank you in advance for any help & advice you feel able to give

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Hi Archiemum

Welcome to the forum, hope you like being here. So sorry to read of your anxiety problems but so understand why you didn't contest ESA,. way too stressful!. My advice would be to phone Citizens Advice, tell them your story and ask if you can re-apply. They will help you do this and give advice as to how to deal with the Jobcentre. Good luck,x


Hiya misty14

Thanks for your advice, i have made an appointment at the CAB for tomorrow 😁

Hope to be able to update you soon



also you can get advice from benefits and work website which I have found very through and helpful on how exactly to fill in the horrible forms, it is also worth claiming PIP as you can get that even if found "fit for work" and every little thing helps!


Thank you bd7og

I have seen that website so i will ask them

Hope to speak to you again sometime



Good morning,

Sorry if I'm being a little thick but what is Pip? It looks like I'm going to have to try and get esa as work has finished me :( talk about kicking someone when they're down




Hi Charliebear68,

PIP stands for Personal Independence Payments. It is another disability benefit but unlike ESA it is not means tested.


PIP is personal independence payment for those under 65 with a long term health problem or disability, it has several components both if you need help with daily tasks such as making food and with mobility including not being able to plan or follow journeys without help so not just for those with physical impairments.

It is the replacement for disability living allowance and can for some people be harder to claim, the form is huge and complex for a start. It passports you to other benefits such as carer's allowance and sometimes helps with other things such as council waiting lists for suitable accommodation.

My husband was put after a stressful appeal into the WRAG activity group of esa and this meant that his contributory payments were stopped after the change in legislation five years ago but after much persuading we applied for PIP and were awarded it for five years unlike esa which reassesses you every few months so very very stressful.

Good luck!


Thank you for this - my goodness, why is it we have to fight for everything? I know nothing is easy but this is disheartening to hear. There is part of me that understands the need to assess but I have heard before that it is stressful.

I'm glad you have Pip, at least one thing you done need to worry about for a while!

Charlie x


Hi, Yes you can go back to your GP with the same condition, especially as they considered you were still unwell. I would go and get reassessed by all those involved ,get signed off. Go to CAB as Misty advised and get advise as to how to move forward. Struggling will not improve your health.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply johare, i hope some day to be able to return the favour 😘


You are more than welcome and good luck.


Hi ArchieMum01,

I'm glad to see that the members of this community have been able to offer you some good advice. Do you have a diagnosis of lupus?

You may be interested in also joining the HealthUnlocked community for PTSD at


Hi Paul

I am really pleased to have found this whole site

Talking to people who "get it" because they have gone through the same process is more helpful than i thought possible, i don't feel so worried about how i Will be perceived

I will look for the PTSD site thank you for mentioning it

In the meantime many heartfelt thanks to everyone who offered advice and support, hopefully in time i can do the same for someone else



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