STill being sick :(

Been throwing up every day now since January, I usualy swollow it disgusting I know :P. I told my rheumatolgist but She didn't seem to understand that its in no way psycological, so sick of doctors using my past to fob me off! Anyway has anyone had this? It's accompanied by constant high fever, persistent headaches and vision problems. IV mentioned this before but just wanted Some infoo on What someone else has experienced.

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  • Acid reflux?

    Have you tried over the counter antacids? Or ask your GP for Omeprazole - a proton pump inhibitor which should reduce the production of gastric acid. Got to be worth a shot.

  • It's more of a sudden urge to throw up and it just flies out (that sounds disgusting even to me) I get no stomach pain when it happens or acidy feeling, its just like my body doesn't want me to eat, iv been up since 8 and IV had Some toast but that's it, even the smell or Thought of food makes my mouth water. Iv lost 5kg since November which may not sound like much but I don't want to lose weight in an unhealthy way, I'm freakin out, should be enjoying my weight loss but since iv had an eating disorder (that almost broke my relationship) I just can't think that losing weight this way is good or il end up like before :( the rheumatolgist didn't seem to understand How distressed I am. The vomiting seems to happen when I get a strong headache and my fever spikes, then the vision imparement kicks in and I go all fuzzy :/ having an MRI on march 14th but I don't know if I should be saying this is urgent. FRom the things iv read on the lupus site this could be very serious but will 3 weeks really make a difference? SOrry to rant its hard to explain

    XXx loubie xxx

  • Yes, yes, yes! It's almost like there's a band tied around u're gut that won't allow u're food 2 go any further through u're body. I used 2 get it many years ago & have just had it again recently. Unfortunately tests could show nothing that would cause it & fortunately the vomiting did subside on it's own after a couple of weeks but as per usual, the hospital, medics etc could not explain why it happened. It COULD b a reaction 2 pain (as odd as it sounds) or simply just u're immune system thinking u have something 'foreign' or 'toxic' in u're body & it's trying 2 get rid of it but considering the vision probs etc u're Rheumy needs 2 pull her finger out of her arse & stop blaming things on being 'all in u're head' or 'because of past history' x

  • My immune system sounds the most plausable atm lol it comes in waves most days but today its been non bloody stop! FEel like ripping my hair out. I managed Some more toast tho and its stayed down, Might have pasta for tea something filling in small amounts ya Nooo. XXx

  • Oh loubie, that's horrible for you. A friend of mine has migraines that are just like you're describing. But she doesn't get them everyday!

    Is your GP understanding, could you go to them about this? Try not to panic, it might resolve itself. Lupus is so unpredictable sometimes alarming symptoms can come, & go again, quite quickly. But if it continues, or gets worse, the doctors will have to look into it more quickly.

  • It's been happening for 2 months now :/ gp is crap lol they all treat me like a burden. What.should I do? Shall I just hang on unless it gets worse?

  • How can you hang on, you've done that for 2 months already. I'd just go and pester everyone until I get an answer, even if that means going to A&E.

  • I feel so sorry for you. I know from experience that you have to really show the doctors what's happening. If you eat prior to a consult any chance you may throw up while you're with them? Otherwise I've resorted to photos and videos. Take someone with you as a witness and who will also stand up for you. Take vomit in a plastic container for analysis - sounds disgusting I knowing. Lodge a complaint. I'm in Guildford, am I anywhere near you? I'll go with you if I am. A&E is also great advice. When I said I couldn't cope anymore and called in the emergency psych team, everybody moved their bums including friends and family. You've got to get their attention somehow. Best of luck. Xxxx

  • I agree with Guildford I would go throw up over the top of someone though I.e gp or rhiuemy if I could.I had similar thing but stomachs was distended and I couldn't eat but not for two months hope you get help soon xxx

  • I could throw up on her that wud b a good plan! Would amuse me too lol. Ending up in a and e is a last resort for me tbh iv got a 3 yr old and limited support since my mum works my dad is disabled and I look after him, my partner works and he cnt take time off since he only just started, my brother lives in Sheffield and I'm in bradford, I don't have many friends those I do have work, and my other family I don't contact. I'm keeping toast down even managed a potatoe waffle with corned beef last night! Other than that I'm keeping hydrated and eating sweets where I can for sugar. Hopefully they will take notice if I keep complaining lol. It's all a bit annoying lol. XXX

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