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Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Even though I am pain free the last few months and I am about to stop taking prednisolone, I cannot enjoy it!

Since August there hasn't been a week free of a virus or infection or something!

During August I was in Budapest for vacation and I caught a cold... I was for about a week voiceless!

After that I had a small issue with my sun sensitive skin..

Let's continue, I got sick again at the beginning of October with bronchitis and I got antibiotics for about a week.

Later on the antibiotics gave a wonderful vaginitis and a few days later after the vaginitis treatment finished, I got a urinary tract infection for which I got antibiotics that gave me another vaginitis! It's a LOOP!

Another bronchitis came up by the end of November with one more antibiotics treatment and then a ten day migraine followed up that made me a complete rag!

Right before Christmas another vaginitis accompanied me for the holidays. The best part was on new years day that I got to the hospital with a terrible breathing problem and fever. The diagnosis was respiratory infection so yes another antibiotics treatment came up as a new years present and it kept me company for about 15 days.

Finally today I woke up with a freakin' migraine!!!!!!!!!!







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That sounds beyond awful, its such a vicious circle when we get one thing it usually always follows another. Last year I had tracheaitis 8 times, flu, norovirus, water infection, kidney infection, dislocated hip, chostochondritis 5 times, it just goes on and on and on. I dont think I had one month where I wasnt really ill, and it feels like I have wasted the whole year - I still think its May 2012!!!!

There is nothing I can say to make you feel any better - just know you are not alone. Also keep coming on here whether its for advice or a rant or a general update, cutting yourself off is the worst thing you can do.

I reall hope you feel better soon and at least have a few 'good days'!!

Lots of love



I know the feeling well my lovely :0/ Big hugs & 'feel good' wishes x


Me sucks for sure:( Hope you have a break from all of this xx


Thank you all for your support! It is precious to know I am not alone!

Hugs to everyone!

Hope to be better tomorrow and get some fresh air :))



I feel the same every turn there's somthing.


my goodness,i feel for you;( somehow you need to get your immune system back up from the steroids,could you look into ways to holistic health?you poor thing;(


Same here I did have 2 months with no infection which was great. I finished the year with Norovirus. Still amazes me how some people say to me but you were so well last year just because we don't shout about what we woud call litte things big to other people. I just nod and agree. Don't depress your self thinking about it. Just come on here and share your feelings. You just might feel a tiny tiny bit better. Hope this year is better for you. Xx


So sorry you are so poorly, this disease is awful and there are so many things that lead from one thing to another. I too suffer every time I am put on antibiotics. I have bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis, so this is often! And every time I get either thrush, nausea or migraine...

Cant really help but I do hope it is beneficial to know that you are not alone.

Hoping you are feeling more yourself now... xx


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