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Anyone returned to work after being off sick and their hourly wage has been reduced- without being told by their boss??!!

Long story but in a nutshell, I returned to work mid October and have realised that I am getting paid 50p an hour less, which doesn't sound a lot but it is quite substantial!! I was vet nursing before but am currently in an admin/reception roll. So I can understand that it has been changed for that purpose but it's never been mentioned to me! I know I should have realised sooner, but I have problems getting hold of my wage slips and they aren't detailed anyway! Don't know if I am being over sensitive but I feel like I have been deceived because nobody said anything to me? Has this happened to anyone else?? I don't know how to approach my boss about it either! Or where I stand legally because I haven't signed a new contract since I started and was on a lower wage!!

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Hi mild-dav84

Sorry your having problems with your employer and wages. Could I suggest you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau who have employment specialists who could advise you. Hope you get it sorted. X



Are you a BVNA member?? Speak to their legal help team.


They need to tell u. Why don't u take a wage slip in and say has there been a mistake. By hen if u put it that say they have to explain. If they do say well we did lower ur rate ask why and ask why they did it without telling u. And ask why ur wages r not the same


Lowering your wage could be an issue of discrimination. Saying that, in this climate lots of people have taken pay cuts or freezes, but they should have had a conversation with you. I suggest you calmly ask your boss what has happened. I'd suggest you take notes at this meeting so your brain fog doesn't let you down. If you are in a union, ask dor support from them. If you are not in a union I'd strongly suggest you join one (if no specific union for your job, unite do community membership). Good luck and ask for an explanation of what has happened. For matters like this you can ask to have someone in discussions like this if you think it will be helpful.


Thanks everyone for your replies! I asked my boss and he didn't know anything about it but i think my crying helped highlight the importance of the issue to him! He had a word with the lady who does our wages and the issue has been resolved, apparently it was an admin error?! Im not really sure how it works but she did apologise to me and they have agreed to backdate payments to when I returned to work and obviously update it so it doesn't happen again and also given me extra hours at the weekend at time and a half! Thanks again everyone!


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