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Well got my brown envelope to day with a big fat NO , I got 0pionts for everything so therefore not sick at all. I would like them to come and see me in the morning s with my children trying to get me out of bed or look at me being sick or missing the toilet not every day but enough for children to be looking at , I don't have a choice I must get up withe the children so I do think you must have to be nearly dead to get it or else tell a lot of lies (how can you lie about your health)or am I nieve about the whole thing or just may be I am not sick enought but if I'm not burie me quick. Well that's my moan just have to struggle on. Thanks to all who replied to my earlier posts

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Obtain an Occupational Therapy Report and apply again Limerick5. DWP can't argue with those. If your Rheumatologist is unwlling to refer you for one via the NHS, pay for an assessment privately. About £400 but, balanced against the PIP you're losing, quite a bargain.

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Oh that's rotten. I am so sorry for your problem.

Also try the Citizen Advice Beaurea as they can help you with the form. I am sure others will come on here to give you help. It is not a situation you are facing alone. We are all here to be moaned at any time you want. It DOES make you feel better.

With all you ailments and coping day to day with your family


Sorry, it went too soon!

With your family you must be run off your feet. Please feel free to have a moan whenever you like. You will be supported and hear lots of topics here.

Take care



Hi Limerick

So sorry about your PIP result. Just to add to footy girl's suggestion about the CAB, they will help you Appeal this decision and do the forms with you if you can manage to visit them. Best of luck. X


Hi so sorry you have been turned down. Ive come to the conclusion it depends on who you get to interrogate you. I had a fantastic lady that told me she blatantly did not understand it but did realise how ill I was.

Try again but go to the CAB they really can help you.

Regards Diane


Hi limerick5,

You must appeal against the decision, don't let them get away with it.

If you feel like that every day then you must appeal. Go to this website and they help you with filling the forms in and tell you what they look for, it's a brilliant website and will give you all the help you need.

Good luck


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I have used the benefits and work site, their guides are really very good

Had my renewal for DLA went straight through hire rate mob and middle rate care NO medical

It does cost £20 but it's money well spent. Also ring local council ins see if they have a welfare rights team, they will guide and support you if you need to go to a tribunal


I got a no as well. Was only two points away so my husband has appealed with more information as the lady who did my interview didn't look at anything. Appeal with letters from your doctor. Good luck.


I got 0 points too,I'm going to see CAB,got an appointment with someone that' a benefit advisor.


It was a mental health nurse that intervied me? I work in mental health wards and other wards at times,no nurse ever heard of lupus,I have to work,it a struggle,if got awarded it,I would drop a day and sleep.


Can you re-submit or appealing? I just had an interview yesterday in US. I'm waiting for the acceptance, but don't know if it would be turn out.


My friend has just been awarded PIP after appealing the decision. I going through it now and she has told me to tell them the truth but to make sure that they are writing it down properly as the woman that she had didnt even write everything down properly. She also told me to make sure they know that on a bad day because of my joints and muscles in my legs I can not physically get out of bed. This is the only way that I am going to be awarded it. I also need to make sure that they know that my mum has to care for me of bad days. If anyone try's to put a brave face on and say things like they just get on with it they won't get it. Most people who administer the consultations don't actually care.


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