Nephews wedding hopefully fatigue is not a guest

Nephews wedding hopefully fatigue is not a guest

had a really bad day yesterday so stiff and tired but feel a bit better today. Hopefully this will last as I am going to my nephews wedding today and dont want to end up asleep in a corner! I am already a bit miffed because I can no longer wear high heels and have put on quite a bit of weight in the last 6 months so I am not happy with my outfit even though I am told it looks good so if I lose my energy as well it will just about round the day off.

I am not sure why but ever since the fatigue has taken over and I feel washed out all the time I just feel scruffy all the time regardless of what I am wearing.

I had better go and start to get ready slowly and hope that when I have finished I feel a bit better about myself lol.


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  • Bless you Jonesy,

    Try to enjoy the day, I know it's not nice what the medication does to you, but please try not to worry about it (easier said than done, I know)

    I'll be thinking of you stay strong xx

  • We all have those times when we think we look absolutely dreadful! I want to go out in a bin bag sometimes so nobody has to see me lol. I'm sure you look lovely.

    Hope you've enjoyed yourself through the tiredness!

  • i think I might have muttered something about a bin bag to my daughter when we were shopping for our outfits lol!

  • The wedding was beautiful. Managed to stay until about 10.00pm but think I am going to suffer for it today so only going to do what is absolutely necessary. How I felt about my outfit did not really improve and being only 5' 2" inches in a family of giants meant I was often in the front of photographs but I am sure the bride who looked like a princess will be all anyone will notice lol. Thanks for your support


  • Glad you enjoyed the wedding, the main thing is that you managed to go & stay til 10 pm, I'm sure all your family & friends we're happy that you we're there & thought that you we're beautiful too.

    Lupus is a dreadful illness, it not only affects the body but plays with your mind too, it takes every bit of confidence you have & chucks it away.

    Hang in there darling, thinking of you xx

  • You are so right it takes our energy and our confidence, I now try to blend into the background which is it not me normally. I love to dance but I wouldn't last night because I did not want to find out that I am now to stiff to enjoy dancing.

    Thank you for your kind words and support, they are greatly appreciated. x

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