Feeling Positive Today

Feeling Positive Today

Hello Pals

Thanks for all the positive response.

I feel much better today and can even type! Wow what joy! I am smiling!!!

For the past 3 weeks I have hit rock bottom due to a flare up! I felt each pain more intensely this time and for the first time since diagnosed in 1999, my shoulder joints and upper arms were also affected. (Much better now)

To help me cope, I had this mindset that helped me survive those tough times.

So to all my pals and each person reading, I write:

When you’re going through hell, remind yourself of these message to help you stay resilient.


No matter how bad things get, remember that the current challenges and difficulties will pass.

Everything changes so this bad time shall pass.

And the really icky, painful and difficult times

you find yourself in, will also pass.

It gets better....


The darkest hour is always before the dawn.

When things get bad, or terrible, rest assured that it can’t continue this way.

Bad times never last. You can’t go further down that rock bottom.

Rest assured the worst is in front of you. It can only get better from this point onward.

Stay hopeful and optimistic that your situation is about to change for the better.

Just keep remembering the above phrases when you have a bad day

I wish you all a very good day

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards

6 Replies

Hope you feel better soon. That was really lovely.



Thank you for those encouraging words! Just what I needed to hear.



Just read your post and its so heart warming, i am on that slippy road and hitting rock bottom and feel like i can not carry on. Every joint hurts, random bruising, puffy face, difficult breathing. But reading what you put makes me think i can get through this

So thank you

ajanjua xx


Lovely boost of kind words, it seems there are more than a few of us that appreciate them, glad you are feeling better, long may it last! 🙏💐💪☺️


Love your positive energy thank you x


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, good for a boost! this was a rough week, and knowing there will be considerable stress next week has been making me more anxious each day... I'll keep this in mind!


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